Hello, i am a new user trying to understand how Audulus works. If i open an exemple or a patch, i can’t zoom in.
The Getting Started page says:

  • To zoom, use the mouse wheel or pinch with two fingers on your trackpad.

What if you don’t have the mouse wheel or trackpad (I use a wacom stylus) ?
thanks for your help!

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Welcome! Glad you’re here :slight_smile: I used to use a Wacom pad with Audulus. You can’t zoom with the pen, but it is pretty fluid to just pinch and zoom on your pad. If that doesn’t work, you can enable it in your settings. If you need help enabling it, just let me know which version you have.

Thanks for your kindly and quick answer, Bimini Road !
I tried to change the preferences of wacom but the zoom still does’nt works on the computer version (it’s ok on the iPad).

My computer is a MacPro OS HighSierra, The Wacom is a Intuos GripPen4.
Audulus 3.5.2 (101)

Best regards,

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So in the Wacom settings you should be able to set how zoom works. If zooming is working on, say, a webpage, it should work on Audulus as well. Here’s a guide I found that should help you out:

I found using a Wacom Pen and Audulus really nice together. I would still be using it now if I had a desk that was more ergonomic for it, but I have to keep the Wacom Tablet in my lap and it’s not so great.

Anyway, the answer ultimately lies not in something you can do with or to Audulus, but in configuring how your Wacom tablet zooms. In short, if it zooms in other programs, it will zoom in Audulus.

If that doesn’t help, reply with the version of the Wacom software that you’re using and I’ll try to figure out where you can go to configure this :slight_smile:

Ok, thank you very much! :blush:

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