Ways to combat osc clickthump

Glide Gate.audulus (11.3 KB)

Gliding the gate resulted a rounded top in the attack, no decay, and a rounded bottomed release. Click remains.

Looking into this. Thanks!

This way of thinking might help as well:


Adding a adsr multiplied by self before the glide works “pretty well”. Levels get all squished.

Glide Gate Combo v04.audulus (15.3 KB)

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“What’s happening here is the rise time is quicker than a single cycle of the waveform.”

Sample the clock / gate signal with the oscillator frequency.
That way the hi freq. click is gone.
In exchange for the click you get some jitter (or better: delay), because you only sample on the positive zero edge. Although the delay is max. 1000/frequency milliseconds (e.g 17 ms on 60 Hz, which is quite much if you like to tencho).

You can eliminate the jitter by syncing the osc with the clock.

Clickthump Synced v2.audulus (14.6 KB)