UltraNova ARP Clone

This is my attempt to clone an UltraNova ARP Module. Not quite as flexible as the original, but fun none the less. I had to limit it to four notes since that is currently the max polyphonic split. The keyboard module has a latch function that will latch 1 to 4 notes and resets when no key is down and selectable velocity out. The gate and o outputs are quad. The internal timing is a bit tricky, so you may get an occasional missed note. The ARP features Sorted/Unsorted, Random, Alternating up and down, Up/Down and number of octaves. Random is highest priority, followed by Alternate then Up/Down. I’m driving it with a variable clock created by the Pattern Bank Sequencer. Disconnect the Neo-Riemannian stuff and LFOs and hook up the keyboard latch to use the demo with a keyboard. Midi channel is set to OMNI internally. I’ll document the modules when I’m reasonably certain everything is done, The inputs below the toggles are modulation and a high will change the state of the toggles.
UltraNova Arp V1.audulus (718.6 KB)


Really nice patch! I like how all the parts fit together.


Your gate sequencer was perfect to drive the ARP. I’m glad you passed the pulse width through. The Ultra has a gate width control in the ARP and changing the duty cycle on the clock gives similar results.


very cool… been a long time since I’ve had an uktranova, I’m gonna have to try this one soon!

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I just got one a few weeks ago. Really enjoying it. This is not as sophisticated as the UltraNova ARP unit, but it works more or less the same way