Touch Tone Tools

Touch Tone Tools

These three modules help you recreate the sounds of dual tone multi frequency signals that were the way analog phones used to operate. These 12 combination tones are selected from only the finest coprime frequencies and are available in 3 formats.

The first is the Touch Tone Pad, seen above, which allows you to pretend to dial your favorite numbers with a mouse or touch surface.

The Speed Dial module allows you to store important numbers as a spline, triggering the gate input will play the sequence with pleasant staccato efficiency.

If the pad and the speed dial don’t meet your needs, the DTMF will convert incoming modulation signals to the corresponding numerical combinations. See what happens when you press all the buttons at once!

Touch Tone Pad.audulus (31.0 KB)
Speed Dial.audulus (49.2 KB)
Touch Tone DTMF.audulus (16.0 KB)


Fun! :grin:


This rules! lol reminds me of the calculator or keypad I think @JDRaoul might’ve done a long time ago?

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