Timer node info?

Does anyone know how long the timer will run before it loops around to zero again?

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2^32 seconds, or roughly 136 years. I don’t know if it’ll actually go there all the way, but it’s long enough that it’s functionally infinite.


Thanks! I’m using one for a delayed pulse and I wanted to make sure it wouldn’t repeat.

Actually, after thinking about it, the timer is a floating point value rather than an integer. Max for a 32 bit float per Wikipedia is “an IEEE 754 32-bit base-2 floating-point variable has a maximum value of (2 − 2−23) × 2127 ≈ 3.402823 × 10^38”. Since there are 3.1536 x 10^7 seconds in a year, 10^38 seconds is 3.171 x 10^30 years. Since the universe is only about 3 x 10^9 years old I don’t think I need to worry.