Somnambulist Songbook

Here are some abstract mellow tunes I made with Audulus, MI Plaits, Piano, and various other instruments.

Hope everyone is having a chill weekend :wink:


I wanted to ask:

Most of what I seem to be making has to do with snappy drums and dirty kicks, lots of low end. It almost feels like I am trying to coax music out of my rack, but in order to do that I have to learn how to generate it with various modules and techniques. I am enjoying the pace of it, and I spend a lot of time with @stschoen’s quantize modules and the rest. I don’t want to jump into melodies I don’t stand behind.

So what I was wondering is if other people tend to start out this way, and the music comes as the knowledge comes so that, over time, everything gets more elegant – even if it is minimal or ‘dark’?

I am sure there are many idiosyncratic reasons, like I am not a trained musician. But as a person who is not ‘trained’, I am enjoying not having to play things I don’t like. ITs slow but feels authentic.

Thanks for inspiring the interest in melodies. Fantastic stuff.


The Green Daruma series is an exploration to peaceful and serine music with dreamy weird synth sounds. So I start with that frame of mind. But it’s just a small part of what I do as far as musical exploration. I say keep making music, and eventually the ideas come together. They don’t have to be elegant or anything.

Thanks for giving it a listen and providing some feedback :slight_smile:

I will make a point of uploading some more uptempo stuff with snappy snares next though. :drum::drum:

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Finally had a chance to sit down and listen to the whole album. Excellent work as always! What did you use for the accordion sound?

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Thanks for listen :smiley:

That would be the toy accordion pictured in the photograph but pitched down an octave :musical_keyboard::musical_keyboard::musical_keyboard::musical_keyboard::musical_keyboard::musical_keyboard:

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This is excellent! Have it on repeat while I’m doing Audulus documentation, making time go by :slight_smile: It’s really playful and has some great moments with the piano, especially in the first tune.