So You Just Got Audulus... What Now?



I went through the video at the beginning here a second time and although there were a few things that I didn’t quite understand here it helped me a lot.

I think I initially got confused by trying to use the keyboard modules and missed out on the simpler keyboard node used here, it got me going.

It still feels that there were a few subtler points that were not fully explained, but I could work out some of these things for myself. For example the choice of 4 note polyphony to limit the overall output volume, and the use of the level to lower the output if I did play 8 note chords to stop the distortion.

I’m well pleased to have at least got something I can sequence from my synthesiser and while its a long journey ahead I think it will be enjoyable.

Just got to resist that Eurorack until I have learned how far I can go with iPad synths first. :-). But I do have a burning desire to get my soldering iron out and make a couple of diy oscillators and filters.


Thanks for the feedback. I will definitely update this video for iPad users when I have some time available as I understand orienting yourself is much easier when the tutorial matches your interface.

Hopefully the initial frustration will be worth it for you as it was for me. Audulus has prevented me from buying many many eurorack modules :slight_smile:


Robert, one thing I have to add is that you have a very good recording voice. I listen to a lot of audio speech and really enjoy audiobooks, and quite a few are less than they could be because of the characteristics of the readers voice.

But maybe you’ve just got a good microphone…


@robertsyrett might have a good microphone but he has an even better voice.


@robertsyrett - just finished the first video… have Audulus on the iPad/iPhone only for now, and your video got me up to a point where I can actually make a sound! :slight_smile:

Looking forward to the rest of the videos in this series. Also… if you don’t make iOS specific ones, it would be helpful if you could slow down a bit and clearly state which module you’re applying, and which specific ports are connected where. As they stand these are VERY helpful for me! Thank you so much - I know these take a ton o f time to create.