Seq with different clock resolutions, note tie. signal/trigger delay modules

wondering if anyone has built a seq with:

  • note tie
  • different clock resolutions
  • cv transpose
  • 16+ steps

Also, are there any signal/trigger delay modules made? I’m trying to make drones that come in and out, which was demonstrated in a particular patch (forgot the name? scattering time?) i tried studying the patch but some of the nodes are beyond me. sorry for the basic questions. thanks for the time, great community as always.

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This has some of what you’re looking for.

As for gate delay, you can just use a delay node if you want? Set mix to wet and feedback to 0 and use the time control to adjust how much delay you need.

Do you mean the “Time Dilator?”

Time Dilator mkII.audulus (1.1 MB)

great sequencer, i believe you linked that particular one on a thread i started a few days back. is there any way to patch in an ext clock with your seq?

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i shall try this later!

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The best thing would be to tap a clock out of the sequencer to clock other things with. The way the ratcheting works it needs to have its own internal clock, so syncing other clocks to it would be easier rather than the other way around.

  • I’ve made some 64 step versions in there