Reverse delay?

Hello all,

I’m pretty new to all this and really not good at building things myself, so I thought I’d put in a request!

I’ve seen plenty of delays around here, but has anyone built a reverse delay? Is it even possible in Audulus? Everything else seems to be so I’m sure someone here has thought of it already…

Anyway, your patience with a new guy much appreciated! Love the app and am having great fun playing with top the modules you guys have build, some incredible work here.

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HI @Stratfieldbrake,
Welcome to the forum! We’re glad to have you aboard :cowboy_hat_face: A reverse delay would be pretty cool but I’m not sure you could build one with the nodes we have at the moment. There is a delay node, but I can’t see any easy way to reverse the audio. Maybe if you set the delay for say one second then after a second set it back to zero then swept it forward back to one second in 0.5 seconds. Might be worth a try.

Here’s something that is sort of a reverse echo. It periodically reverses the playback. I’m not sure that it’s exactly what you had in mind, but it sounds pretty cool anyway.
Reverse Echo V1.0.audulus (431.6 KB)

Awesome, I’ll give this a go. Thanks so much for the welcome - I’m bit star truck, I’ve been reading your threads and downloading your stuff, you’re doing incredible work!

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Thanks for the compliment. We have a pretty good group of folks here. Lots of good ideas and everyone is willing to help. Let us know if you have any questions.

I improved the design by using 3 buffers

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This… this is awesome. Thank you so much! What a legend! I’m going to get this patched up tonight and have a play about, thank you.

Just to say, what you and the rest of the guys are doing on here is massively inspirational. Discovering a community like this has really renewed my faith in humanity!


@Stratfieldbrake welcome to the forum! We are glad to have you, and I’m sure that you will find (just like I did) that this community is an amazingly helpful group of people, and everyone here is eager to help new users build, troubleshoot, and even teach concepts to new users who are eager to learn. You have stumbled upon a gold mine of cool audio artistry knowledge and assistance, be sure to reach out anytime you have a question or need a hand. We all have many talents and areas of expertise, and the depth of the knowledge and skills just keeps getting deeper as more users like yourself join our group and take an active interest in learning and being active members of the community. Anyway, like I said before, welcome, and happy patching! :wink:



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