Portability of Audulus setups between Mac and iPad

I’m playing around with Audulus for a while now, mostly just on the Mac. Now I intend to get a bit more serious and integrate Audulus on an iPad into my hardware synth setup.

On the Mac, I play and control Audulus through an Alesis MIDI keyboard and a Midi Fighter Twister, both via USB, which works perfectly fine.

My question is: Can I use Audulus projects that were created and set up (regarding MIDI controllers) on a Mac in just the same way on an iPad? The idea is to create the files on the Mac and play them on an iPad.

And how would I properly sync the MIDI clock from an external controller (say the Beatstep Pro) to Audulus on either platform? A workaround would be to send a MIDI note on a specific channel to a trigger in Audulus. But is there an “official” way?

Thanks! And thanks for creating Audulus! It’s such an inspiring and deep playground. Frankly I think it should cost much more. (But then that’s just the way software is priced these days.)


Hey there! To answer your first question, yes, you can totally use your MIDI controller keyboards on your iPad, just the same as you would on your Mac. The way to doing this, if you intend to use more than one controller, would be through the usage of a USB hub (most likely powered), and if you don’t have the newest iPad Pro model, you will also need the CCK for lightning connection of external hardware to your iPad. This is something I have and you can get it for $20-40, depending on where you get it and whether it is new or used.

I am not sure about the clock signals though, but I know that one of my friends, @stschoen, @robertsyrett, or @futureaztec should be able to provide more insight regarding the sync clock of multiple units and your patch.

I hope this post will help to answer your question. Don’t hesitate to reach back out and ask about any other questions you may have. The users on this community are generally quite kind and generous with their time, and will typically do whatever they are able to help you solve problem you face in using the app. They helped me to become a more proficient and knowledgeable student of synthesis and eurorack standards, which makes most turn around and put that same amount of helpfulness and generosity In that they got out of it :heart: It’s a circle of learning and helping each other out with each of our strong suits. That is another thing (IMHO) that makes Audulus much better than its competitors. Happy patching :smiley:

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Yes, this is how I do that.

Most of us do the double dongle dance with a lightning to USB adapter into a USB to midi adaptor. I will also sometimes use a bluetooth controller like the Korg nanoKey.

Patches are synchronized by the gate output of one of the 16 midi tracks, there is currently no midi clock node.

Feel free to ask any follow up questions.

The iPad and iMac version are the same as far as MIDI responses are concerned so you can use projects created on an iMac on an iPad so long as the CPU usage is within limits. As @stevo3985 says you need a Camera Connection Kit to provide a USB connection and a hub if needed. I use a small 4 port powered hub for mine.As you mention, Audulus doesn’t currently provide A MIDI clock in so the simplest way is to send an external MIDI note and use it a s a timing source.
There are a couple of variants of a clock with an external input in this thread:

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I would suggest keeping the thread that @stschoen link to, at your elbow. I would also keep this thread near by:

Between them, there are instructions on how to proceed, as well as comments about what works well and what can be challenging. In short, I found that trying to sync a clock between two devices over bluetooth is much less tight than having a physical connection.

As you start to get everything hooked up (which can get daunting fast), you may get to the point of wanting to record into a DAW. Ableton Link proved to be useful for initiating a recording session, since when you hit record it will start all of the devices on time, allowing you to get a nice gridlocked wav file – meaning you can also make loop clips and they will be synced to the bpm and measures.

Feel free to ask simple questions if you get stuck. I tend to get stuck when I try to recreate it and often have to reread parts of the threads. For example, the camera connection kit has to be plugged into the usb hub and the hub into your device in the right order, otherwise your audio interface won’t accept it.

Finally, although the clock appears to be important to hardwire on the one hand, sending the midi notes over bluetooth seems to work very well on the other.

Good luck.