Polyrhythms (and a bunch more)

I found this talk very interesting. @futureaztec I think this might be right up your alley.


I watched this presentation when it first came out and enjoyed it. So I watched it again and enjoyed it again. Then I checked out the presenter’s channel and found his commentary on the film “Whiplash,” to be equally interesting.


Adam Neely is a great bass player. I’ve known about him for years being a bass player myself, but just recently re-discovered him and started following his channel when I was searching for some interesting music theory videos. Was happily surprised to find his focus these days was on the practice and theory-fueled tutorial videos. Thanks for sharing @stschoen!


New York. Every year I toy with the idea of a subscription to the New Yorker. When I live in a town with a library that carries it, I am a faithful reader. Movies set in New York, nothing quite like it. I enjoyed this insider slice.

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…When you already posted something but then something else seems too important not to share.

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