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hey everyone,

i just bought an es-8 in hopes of controlling my small 84 hp modular with audulus. i can’t seem to figure out how to send pitch in to the 1/octave input on my oscillator. i used the midi input module with the built in keyboard, send it to output one of the es-8, then out in to my oscillators 1v/octave input. the pitch seems like its jumping at really large intervals though, not tracking at all. i’m sure i’m missing something. i would eventually like to use sequencers and the xy pad and run those through the quantizers with custom scales so that i can keep my modular in tune with my songs. any help would be greatly appreciated.


Question answered here:


I made a volt per octave signal converter a while back in case you don’t want to do all the math again.

ES-8 to Eurorack VPO conversion.audulus (442.5 KB)

The root note is usually just the root note of the scale in the lowest octave. Midi to CV modules typically use a low C as the 0 volt value because that’s how the Doepfer made his.

My module accommodates tuning to C or A and has an octave switch as well.

If the pitch out doesn’t track you will need to check the calibration, but hopefully all goes well. Os, from Expert Sleepers, has been doing a great job of improving his manufacturing process.


What am I doing wrong here? The pitch doesn’t seem to be changing?

ES-8 to Eurorack VPO conversion-2 2.audulus (458.0 KB)

What is your keyboard or midi device?

cme xkey

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Good timing, I just checked your patch on my modular using the onscreen keyboard and it seemed to work alright. Try connecting value nodes along your signal path to pinpoint where the trouble is. I suspect you will find you need to resync the cme xkey bluetooth connection.

This worked

ES-8 to Eurorack VPO conversion midi.audulus (50.9 KB)

****it seems to drop out (the midi module) seems buggy…

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Awesome! Glad it’s up and running :slight_smile:

Try using the on screen keyboard on iOS if you can - that would tell you if it’s your keyboard or Audulus. Haven’t had any reports about buggy MIDI input so it seems more likely it’s your cable between keyboard and computer causing the dropout.

That said, if you can find some reproducible steps to make this bug happen, we’d love to know so we can fix it!

Issues with both. I take it that I need to pass the midi module output through to the VPO module to a dac node and then patch it to the 1V/O input on my hardware oscillator?

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Yes - and that’s not working for you? In what sense does it “drop out”?

I’ll keep an eye on it but it seems like my midi keyboard will just stop working all of a sudden. I need to see what it does over time.

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