I was never a prodigy. Then one day I thought, “how hard could it be?” So I started reading a lot. I had never read – maybe I read two books people forced me to in high school. I got so into reading I stopped talking to people for years.

With Audulus, if you are a programmer you will be able to make some fun things. Still, this does not mean that you understand how to use synthesizers. I am not a programmer. My background is showing up to the all-nighter and dancing for hours. When you hang around this forum long enough and try to get a sense of what is going on without deciding to get into the programming, certain concepts seem to be at that extremely simple yet deeply complex level.

I’ll tell you what; these folks are all about phasors. What are phasors?

I think the trick is just to be grateful for any tiny bits of understanding you find scattered about, jamb them into your pockets.


Nice! Good tutorial video. There’s also a little rundown on Phasors in the docs which has some nice gifs that make it easy to visualize what’s going on.


My browsers (firefox & safari) freak out when I try to go to this docs site because it isn’t secure. Is this something that can be fixed easily?

Hi @Muddy,
First of all, welcome to the community :smiley: !

What do you mean by that? Does it block the site?
Maby the problem is, that the site is http (and not https)
Maby you need to enable http somewhere in the preferences.

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Hi @J031,

Thanks for the warm welcome! :pray:t4: :v:t4: Excited to dig into the app! It looks so cool, but honestly I’m struggling with the learning curve. Hoping the resources here will help me figure things out. I’ve never programed anything before and I’ve already run into some roadblocks while trying to follow tutorials vids where they’re editing expressions. Don’t quite have a grasp on that yet.

Anyway, about the website issue I was having, I just tried it again and for some reason it’s loading the page now! Whereas, the other day, the browsers wouldn’t display it at all. They gave me a warning message with saying it was potentially unsafe, etc. I didn’t change anything in my settings so I can’t provide an explanation. :man_shrugging:t4: It does still show as an insecure connection on Firefox but displays the page anyway, though, not on Safari. Not sure why that is.

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Glad to hear that it works now. The docs were very helpful to me when was new to Audulus.

There are some pretty good tutorials on the expression node that might help you:

There are also some tutorial and example patches in audulus you might want to take a look at, if you haven’t done so already.

If you have any more question, feel free to ask them here in the forum. The audulus community is always willing to help :smiley:


Sweet!! Thanks so much for your reply and linking a few resources. I really appreciate that! I’ll
definitely look into them and try to take advantage of the forum community’s willingness to help out going forward! Suuuuper cool! :relaxed:


HE LIVES!!! Good to see you again, @biminiroad. I’ve missed seeing your posts, and wondered if you had left the forum behind in your pursuit of other passions/talents/interests.

I know sometimes there is not enough hours in the day for all that you want to do, and then you have to prioritize. Some things just end up getting force triaged, tagged red or black, and life moves on without them.

I’m glad that didn’t happen and that you are still around! :partying_face::smiley:

Edit: just realizing this is a revival thread, and I feel like an idiot as the dates came into focus at the top when I went back and looked again. Oh well. Not the first idiotic mistake I have made and certainly won’t be the last. Mark, if you end up reading this, I hope all is well, friend. :heart:

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@Muddy welcome to the Forum! We are glad to have you :slightly_smiling_face:

Don’t be discouraged, as I think everyone who isn’t already well versed in DSP theory and programming has a steep learning curve. Lucky for you (and me, and everyone else who was once a beginner that knew nothing about visual programming), there is a great forum, which you have already found, full of wonderful people who are very kind and happy to help out newcomers and answer questions they might have.

This forum and its members are the guide that got me from knowing nothing of modular, to where I am today, and I have come a LONG way in the ~1.5 years I have been a member. You will also begin to notice things becoming clear as you tinker and experiment. The best part is, this is virtual, so you can’t fry your modules with a bad connection (unlike real modular, which of course that can be an unfortunate side effect of trying to learn as you go using hardware :wink:). Plug anything anywhere and know that things are going to be ok, as there is an undo function that can reverse bad decisions.

I would like to also recommend that you check out the “Know Your Nodes” series on YouTube, from user @robertsyrett (same name on YouTube). They are INCREDIBLY useful for a beginner, and even when you are starting to feel like a seasoned, upper intermediate to advanced user, there are still things you can go back and review in the videos for reminders cuz nobody ever knows everything all the time. I just went back for a review of FM/PM synthesis in part 2 or 3 recently.

Anyway, like I said, welcome. I hope you will find this group to be as awesome and helpful in your sonic journey as it has been for me, and still is. Never hesitate to ask questions, as there are no dumb questions and nobody is allowed (or even would feel compelled, IMO) to ridicule or belittle you for not knowing something. So ask away and know we’ll be happy to help you as much as we are able. The most fun learning experience begins here! Happy patching! :blush: