Oscimillator Synth Voice


This synth voice is made up of 7 oscillators that can be spread across the harmonic series and be shaped into a variety of timbres.


Input Signal Range Notes
32%20AM56x43 rising edge hard sync input
40%20AM46x47 -1 to 1 720 degrees of phase modulation
48%20AM45x43 0 to 1 controls amplitude and tone of audio rate signals
53%20AM47x44 -5 to 5 1/oct pitch control

Output Signal Range Notes
59%20AM43x43 -1 to 1 triangle cluster output
05%20AM47x42 -1 to 1 square cluster output
10%20AM41x42 -1 to 1 saw cluster
15%20AM45x44 -1 to 1 folded sine cluster


[Knob, Button] Function Notes
28%20AM73x72 manual phase align tap to reset default waves in unision setting
31%20AM89x87 harmonic spread sweet spots at 0, .5, and 1 knob settings
34%20AM87x83 Noise Makes each cluster of signals a little harsher for use as percussion

Version History

Revision File Date Notes
1 Oscimillator V1.audulus (77.6 KB) 5/11/2018 initial upload



Yes!!! So I literally was just looking at the manual for the Basimilus Iteritas for possibly tackling the clone in Audulus when I decided to check the forum updates today. Looks like a beauty! Can’t wait to play around with this.


Having some fun with this. Great module.


Great! Nice video introduction – you’re setting some new standards here :blush:.


I thought the module had some really nice sweet spots that would be easiest to demo with a voice over. I wouldn’t mind if it caught on :wink:


I officially think the oscimillator is pretty good exciter for rings.


Mesmerizing voice. I really like pushing the drum side of things and I have some ideas but I am quite inefficient with them. I replaced the noise source with something dirtier. Is there a better way to produce crackle?
Crackle Heavy.audulus (122.8 KB)

Here is what I was working on for the BopPad which I like to orient for snare rolls.

Oscimillator For BopPad.audulus (285.5 KB)

Oh and how does the 720 phaser work? And why 720 – as opposed to 360? Explain.


The phase input is tuned from 0 to 1 for 360 degrees of phase, so a -1 to 1 gives you 720 degrees, I left it like that because it allows you to push the module into crazy noise territory (who doesn’t enjoy a bit of crazy every now and then.

Here is a module that I have been experimenting with that is just two sine wave oscillators phase modulating each other up to 720 degrees, mess around with it and you can see that you can get plenty of crazy crackling sounds. You can get an even larger range of noises with two oscimillators!

pm cross mod.audulus (42.0 KB)

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I implemented the PM cross mod and it knocked down the CPU 5%.
Oscimillator For BopPad 0.2.audulus (202.7 KB)

But I added a % Chance gate in order to give it more sizzle.

Rice Krispies.audulus (45.5 KB)


Nice, that reminds me of something you would make with mutable instrument’s branches module.

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Okay so I rewatched the tutorial on this one. I suppose I misused the PM Cross mod. This this is actually pretty amazing and deserves its own post (and possible some custom Syrett icons to make it less understated).

Here is a very basic patch that (I hope) properly combines the PM Cross mod and the Oscimillator Synth Voice.

Approaching BI Alter.audulus (419.0 KB)

*the idea here is to get lost tweaking knobs and to add the details that would make this patch stand out (quantizing scales, modulating the knobs, etc…). In other words, it is not a generative patch yet. Some nice results tweaking the ADSR, the PM Cross Mod, Filters, and Oscimillator module itself of course.

Here is another snapshot where I have cranked the clock way up but also the passthrough gate and added some attack.
Approaching BI Alter - Z.audulus (419.0 KB)


You can generate all sorts of sounds with knob twiddling on this patch.:smiley:


Cool, yeah. I didn’t realize @robertsyrett was inspired by the basimilus iteritas alter. Hopefully I will make something more detailed here soon.

The pm cross mod is killer.


I am not feeling well right now but I thought I would put something up just to give some context to the voice. Messy patch. :sneezing_face: I just threw some elements together thinking I would switch them out for others. Whatever.

Lazy House.audulus (1.3 MB)


For some reason that patch reminds me of snakefinger.


Lazy House 2nd patch .audulus (1.2 MB)

Oscimillator Fan Patch.audulus (1.4 MB)

Oscimillator Fan Patch (night cpu).audulus (1.6 MB)

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Prepare.audulus (1.7 MB)