Need Help: Best modules for ES-8 + Audulus Demos

That will probably make more sense once I have a Plaits in hand to try it out.

General feedback:

Right now it looks like a stand-alone patch, like you would have this running and that would monopolize the ES-8 for the most part. This is a great showpiece and I like the idea but I’d be interested in stripping it down to the core elements.

Like How about a module that can easily set the drum type and associated parameters? Then you could use other sequencers to control that. At the very least, making such a module would simplify the internal design of the MIPDM.

Per step FX is a great idea for a stand alone module as well. I could see lots of other uses for it :slight_smile:

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Yeah the idea is to build the deluxe version for a demo video that shows off the extent of what you can do, then strip back some controls for a more functional less output hoggy version. I also don’t like using a big module with too many controls when I’m making tunes - gets a little overwhelming.

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That’s one of the best things about the uModules, the bite sized pieces make the overall patch easier to understand.

At any rate, I should be getting my Plaits some time tomorrow and will probably get around to installing it on Tuesday, so I will be of more help around then.

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Nice! I’m getting the 512 this week - psyched for that. FM city!

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Did you get your 512 yet?

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Coming tomorrow afternoon! yay

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does this mean you can’t use the es-3 with the ipad ?

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I thought so, but no - ES-8 reserves 16 outputs that look like itself a computer, so both ES-3 ans ES-6 will work with iPad.

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oh thats great news. so what modules would you load up in audulus to access all 16 outs?

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Ok, I got it working!

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You just use the ADC/DAC nodes and assign the I/O channel for each. Take a look inside any of the ES-8 modules - that’s all there is on the inside pretty much. The modules just have little helper functions added, or in the case of the ES-8 one I have now, is just meant to look like the ES-8.

Just got an unexpected cash influx as a Thanksgiving present (who does that??) so I was able to round out my little acid synth on the lower left with a XAOC Tallin. It’s a dual discrete VCA, so I’ll use it as a waveshaper/distortion pre-VCF and a VCA afterwards. FINALLY will have an ES-3 to expand ES-8 and be able to do everything I want CV-wise. The PICO RND will add some white noise I can mix into my Roland/Erica Synths synth voice, plus some sine wave modulation for PWM for the oscillator.

This will be “it” for a while I think - at least until Audulus 4 comes out…


@robertsyrett - know where to get a really short TOSLink cable? The one I had to get was 2ft…

I have 3ft ones, which is the shortest I could find. :frowning_face: Maybe use this as an opportunity to space out the ES modules?

The rig looks good though. I think a compact square of modules is the most enjoyable way to patch. 104 HP wide means much longer cables and modules being under-used.

So are you going to design a custom interface for this configuration? What will be the more or less permanent routing?

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More or less permanent for performances at least. Plaits mostly as chords/pluck/whatever. Roland/ES and Doepfer osc switching between bass/lead. Drums done in Audulus as samples when 4 comes out, probably. I lwas thinking of getting the Black Noir but I honestly probably would enjoy more real drum samples to make music with than analog/digital drums.

I haven’t been using my Ableton Push 2 as much as I’d like…on the fence about selling it. It has the potential to be really powerful with Audulus 4, but it would take a lot of work. I tried making a Push-like controller in Audulus that I could map to, but it was really CPU inefficient.

I’m trying to think of what to do with the other half of the rack - was looking into video synthesis modules? I dunno I’m a bit at a loss. I only have 1 input free at the moment if I don’t use both of Plaits’ outputs, but that could be expanded with an ES-6.

Maybe I’ll go back to the plan of DIYing a MIDI controller for the other side?

This looks promising:

Did you see that the TR-8 just dropped to $299? I feel like I got drum machines covered with the digitakt, but I am very tempted. Sure, it can’t do samples, but it sounds amazing and has built-in compression and effects. The TR-8 even has a cv clock out!

Don’t be precious, I’m about to sell all my moogerfoogers. I love them, but I haven’t touched them in a year or so aside from plugging them in to make sure they still work. I know that there is a collector somewhere who will appreciate them more than I can. Similarly there is probably a bedroom producer somewhere who will be super stoked to pick up a used Push 2.

Why commit? Modular isn’t permanent anyways. You start to want a sound or utility, and then that gets incorporated. It could be for video synthesis one month, and capacitive touch plates the next.

LOL, you really should have just gotten a second ES-8.

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Yeahhhh but it’s more expensive! I’m liking this idea more and more of building custom MIDI controller. Seems like it’s come a long way. That way I could still have hardware controls for envelopes and even sequencers but still use Audulus just on an iPad in front of the modular.

ES-3 - $325 + ES-6 - $175 = $500 and 14 HP

ES-8 - $475 and 8 HP

I guess it’s more up front and you only get +4 inputs as opposed to 6, but I think the flexibility of having an iPad plugged in one unit and a computer into the other is pretty valuable as well.

Do you mean like getting something like nanoKontrol or X-Touch and then controlling Audulus with midi CC? I can attest that is pretty fun.

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No, i mean like building a Eurorack MIDI controller that fits into the case - DIYing the panel and whatnot. The Opendeck board allows you to attach pots, sliders, buttons, etc. And with Audulus 4 we’d be able to send out MIDI messages to lights and whatnot. Might be really cool! Researching it now.

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