NAMM Qu-Bit Chord

This module stood out.34%20AM

Obviously we are in Audulus territory here. I imagine all of the ingredients are laying around and that this could probably be achieved through patching modules that already exist. Anyone know how I would approach this? One of the nice things about a hardware module is it is fixed, so its limitations/layout guide its use. With Audulus, sometimes it is so wide open you have to understanding things before you interact.

Other heads were also happy to see this mk2.

Should probably consider it along side Harmonàig.48%20AM

Here’s a 4 note chord generator I came up with a while back. It uses a decimal number to describe the chord. It has a quad note and gate output. You could easily use a mux to select various chords. I normally drive it using an external input sequencer. It has a utility module to create the chord and inversion and a quad gate for controlling four envelopes (so unused notes don’t sound). The gate has both a quad audio out and a mixed mono signal.
There’s also a patch that uses it.
uChord V1.2.audulus (130.5 KB)
Saturday Morning.audulus (1.6 MB)

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That’s great. Nice little uDing easter egg in there. :wink:

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I am very interested in working with patches that have more complex musical ideas. This has me inspired today.