MMA8452QR1 accelerometer with Arduino

I’ am doing a project about MMA8452QR1 accelerometer with Arduino. I think I need to stabilize the readings, because they change too much from one reading to the next. Any idea on how to do that? I heard of an Low Pass Filter, but fail to find an adequate one. Could you please help me on this quest?
I will seek more tutorials to convert these raw values into real usable values that could be fed to a motor driver board, so I can use it to stabilize a platform’s stability.

Assuming you have a suitable interface to pass the signals in and out of Audulus you can probably use a slew limiter module or possibly the envelop follower node. The slew limiter is under Library/Utility/Slew and the envelope follower is in the node menu under level. both are essentially low-pass filters. the slew limiter has the advantage that it’s adjustable.
If you’re trying to do this without using Audulus then you probably need to ask your question on an Arduino forum rather than this one.