MIDI Out on Network 1

Is there a way right now to output MIDI to Network 1?

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MIDI out is a feature that is planned for a future release, but is not currently available.

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How long? It is currently the limiting factor for using it in my case…
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Thanks. Everything else is great.

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I’m not sure, but it’s my understanding that MIDI out is the last big addition that will come to Audulus 3 :slight_smile:

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I also had asked about Audulus’ integration with Expert Sleepers Disting Es-1 & 2 emulation mode. Do you have any insights on that?


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I believe you have to use the Silent Way AC encoder plugin between Audulus and your modular, but otherwise I don’t see why not?

If you or other people could explain more in detail what the plugin is doing, I might be able to make something equivalent in Audulus.

That said, I do know for a fact you can use AC coupled outputs as triggers, so if you just need to send triggers to your modular, you don’t need anything special for that (the output voltage has to be high enough though).

To get voltage high enough from Audulus to my modular rack, I need to purchase something like an ES-8. That is substantially more pricey than a simple midi to cv module I already have. As much as I would love to have an ES-8, it is way too expensive for me and I already have a couple midi to cv modules in my rack.

Can you offer any suggestions of hardware that would cost maybe a quarter of what an ES-8 costs and does the same thing?

The next best thing would be to have midi out built into Audulus. I would like to send midi from my audulus sequencer creations to other music apps within AUM.

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This is a pretty good list of all the DC coupled interfaces out there - many are more affordable than the ES-8.

That page is for the silent way app, so I’m a little confused about what I would need in my iOS/modular setup. I’m using iPads along with my modular setup. Would I just need one of those listed dc interfaces in between an iPad and the modular?

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Yeah - that’s for Silent Way but it’s just a general list of DC-coupled interfaces. You’d want to look for something that is class-compliant, meaning it will be plug n play with iOS if you want to go that route. :+1:

MIDI Out would be really nice. I would like to use Audulus’ visual programming language to control some of my samplers like Vienna Symphonic Orchestra, etc. All I would need is MIDI Out.


Yeah I’m most excited about MIDI out to use it to control sound sample libraries. You’ll also have sampling within Audulus 4 as well, so I can’t wait to see what kinda dirty DnB sequenced drum breaks people can make :smile:


Any news on when Midi Out feature would be available?

I am aiming at controlling my eurorack with audulus sequencers, etc., using hermod as a multichannel midi to cv converter.

Thank you.

I’m hoping that MIDI out will be available in Audulus 4.SInce the feature set for the initial release has not been set, I don’t know if it will be available at launch, but it’s definitely on the wish list. @Taylor is working hard on A4 but the UI is currently the primary focus. A4 will bring some exciting new capabilities and performance improvements to Audulus in any case. The trade off is launch date vs. feature set. With a new AUv3 and a completely redesigned UI there’s a lot to do. Audulus 3 had many significant upgrades during its lifecycle and I expect Audulus 4 will be the same. If it’s not in the initial release, I would expect it in an early update. Of course I can’t speak for the Audulus development team, but MIDI out is definitely something I’m looking forward to.

Thanks. I think it would be an appreciated feature indeed.