Microvolt 3900 + MIDI KB + A3 + AudioBox iTwo interface

But…Dark Link is the same, midi/usb to cv.

You can’t use Dark link until A4.

Cv.ocd/Mutant Brain (cv.ocd in eurorack format) is the best option for midi to cv.

The flexibility is amazing. Take a look


And not, ES-8 is “unique”.

Motu makes a number of DC coupled interfaces. Not as flexible as an ES-8 but potentially a bit cheaper.


I had not realized that. When I saw “USB/MIDI to CV” I had assumed that the USB would have it recognized as some sort of an interface that would allow virtual CV to pass through and become physical CV. My mistake. Aaaaaand that basically puts me back at the start of this “How can I connect A3 to my physical hardware without a rack?” game I have been playing against myself for a month or more. :thinking:

Both the MOTU units and the ES-8 appear as audio interfaces to the computer. CV is after all just a very low frequency signal. What sets them apart is the fact that they’re capable of passing a DC voltage whereas the vast majority of interfaces have a capacitor in the output path which blocks very low frequency signals. The other aspect of the ES-8 that sets it apart from the MOTU is the ES-8 output voltages are more in line with the “standard” CV voltages used by Eruorack gear. The MOTU outputs won’t have as much voltage swing and may need some gain in some cases depending on the desired modulation level. All things considered, unless you are really strapped the ES-8 will probably do a better job. Here’s a list of potential candidates. It’s a bit dated but might be of use https://www.expert-sleepers.co.uk/siwacompatibility.html

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Also I’m not sure if the MOTU unit has DC coupled inputs. Probably not. The ES-8 is DC in and out.

Sometimes its good just to support the Expert Sleepers dude who makes amazing stuff, is a great guy, and will continue to make amazing stuff if we support his work. I know people who have big ideas about capitalism, who at the same time fail to spend money downtown. Instead they lurk around the big stores looking for deals, or buy things from China. I believe there is a balance to be had. Seems to me, the Eurorack community is just about the perfect example of how much joy small manufacturing can bring to communities that value it. At the same time, I have avoided organic health food stores for years, because I get irritated with the retail policy, “lets just double the price of all goods in our store.” It doesn’t seem to me that is the case with Eurorack.