Make Noise QPAS

I was refacing the Audulus library and realized that HPF-LPF sounds a bit like SP. It at least does what the description is - keeps highs and lows balanced, but still kinda sounds like a filter.

Possible Smile Pass.audulus (80.9 KB)

Did you get beyond your “proto” version of K-PASA? I have been using it and I like it.

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Not yet. I have had too many plates spinning for a while now. But I definitely will return to this.

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I added all filter types to my QPAS emulation. Here is alpha 2. Using Biquad Notch in place of Smile Pass.

CutiePAS-alpha-2.audulus (226.2 KB)

I just noticed that @biminiroad made a SP emulation. I will check out how it sounds and try integrating it to CutiePAS :slight_smile:

I haven’t got the Radiate controls right yet - I need testing on a real QPAS to understand them fully. Also, Notch and Bandpass filters have a “width” control that may or may not sound the same as the Q control of the QPAS module.

Unless people show strong interest in this I’m gonna move it down my priority list.


I was reading about dipole on wikipedia. Which is kind of funny because I got there reading about dielectric grease for a boat wiring application. That new SSF dipole filter, also being a quad; well I thought the whole thing gets more interesting once you dig into the Quantum mechanical dipole operator and the transition dipole moment.

It reminds me of @stschoen’s comments about TZFM and time. I guess what I want to say is that both QPAS and the SSF dipole filter need to be theoretically explored – or, at least, it sure gets more exciting once we dive into understanding electromagnetic fields.

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