Looking for input LFO mixer

Hey cool people here on the Audulus forum.

I recently posted about an issue I had with some phasors and stuff and some people that followed that post might have noticed my little pet-project.

I am making a LFO mixer to create complex LFO shapes. I have absolutely no actual use for it at the moment but it is fun to tinker with.

So far it has:

  • 4 LFO’s

  • 4 waveforms per LFO

  • input sync per LFO

  • positive - positive/negative - negative waveforms

  • rate and gain per LFO

  • 2 outputs with gain control and individual mixers

Video here:

Now I want to add some form of phase control. So I am looking at something like the end of the video (0/ 90 / 180 / 270 degrees control) but I don’t know quite what to use as reference as potentially every phasor can be at a different phase so 0 might not actually be 0? It is kind of breaking my brain really :joy:

So I am looking for input. Should I just make it free phase shifting and not bother with references or does the idea of 90 intervals sound more useful?

General feedback is welcome as well!

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The reason you might want it free-phase shifting is because you can then use the phase shift control as a phase modulation input to get more interesting shapes.

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Also check out this mixer - it might be useful to you. It takes in up to four inputs and scales them so that they always have a 0 to 1 output. This means you can set your attenuate/offset range and then just fiddle with the balance of shapes that will give you the texture of the modulation without needing to readjust the overall level and offset.

CV Mixer.audulus (9.3 KB)

Good point about the phase shifting. Gives me a different idea. Make it free but with a small snap around the 90 degree points. Maybe with an indicator that you are snapped or something… That will be challenging and fun to make =)

That module does sound useful. Rigtt now I have hard limited it to - 1 to 1 but I do want to get a more elegant solution. Thanks for the tip!

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If you have it free and your knob is scaled 0-1 then getting 90 shifts is pretty easy - just enter .25, .5, .75 and 1 as values into the knob to get them exactly shifted (or just eyeball them). Unless these LFOs are synced in tempo, being exactly phase shifted probably won’t make a difference, and if you add a little divot of sorts, it will mess with free-form PM’ing. You could compromise by adding a button that turns the knob from snapping to freeform?

That does sound fairly easy to set up. Not a bad idea. Have though of adding beat syncing as well. Not quite familiar with how that works in Audulus but pretty sure I can figure that out =)

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Not sure if this is the most elegant solution, but it works: https://youtu.be/2_taG58DZ0k

I quite enjoy making things out of nothing to be honest.

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