Laurel/Yanny NYT Plugin

This slider is pretty cool - I wonder what kind of code it’s running underneath to get the morphing sound? It’s pretty smooth even if you’re whipping it back and forth while it’s playing.

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I can only hear Laurel :frowning:

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Yeah me too haha

We have old ears:

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I already knew mine were old, and the 120+ dB amps from my mis-spent youth as a rock and roll star didn’t help


God it is funny how you can manipulate your mind. The first time I had to move the slider completely over to the right but then I slowly moved it to the center again and continued to hear Yanny, even though I heard Laurel before. Guess because it still was in my ear.

Actually, this one is much easier to alter in your mind:


I could hear both at times (Laurel followed by a ghost whispering Yanny) and the strength of each was influenced by which one I’d heard most recently.

Reminds me of the which way is the dancer spinning question.

Our minds have to filter the world in ways most of us are not aware of. The TV series Brain Games covers these topics.