I'm leaving Audulus (but not completely!)

Some of you might have noticed I’ve been a little absent from the forum lately - well I’ve been struggling with a decision that wasn’t easy to make, but here it is:

I have decided to stop working for Audulus. I’m going to start working with my wife to build a development company. She’s an architect-in-training and I’m going to apply to become a real estate agent. The idea is we’ll build and sell homes together, focusing on eco-friendly tiny homes.

I’ve only been working part-time for Audulus, but still, I have an Airbnb that I run out of my home as well as doing all the household chores while Marina is studying for her architecture exams, and it’s just a lot of work to balance.

I’m not quitting Audulus the program and I’ll still be around using and building stuff, I just will no longer be the go-to person for support.

There’s no replacement for me as of right now, so I hope people who have support questions on the forum can just continue supporting one another as Taylor continues to build Audulus 4, but of course reach out to him if you have question that other people can’t solve.

Working for Audulus has been some of the most rewarding work I’ve done in my life, and I’m so happy to have met and helped build this great community. I’m not saying goodbye, I’ll just see you all a little less often :slight_smile:


I’d like to publicly thank Mark for all the wonderful work he’s done over the past years on Audulus.

The success of the Module Library, this forum, promotional materials, and our customer support are all thanks to Mark.

Audulus isn’t a trivial app and it’s super hard to find someone who combines all the right talents to fill the role. Our working relationship began in late 2015, before Audulus 3, when Mark joined the forum and posted some feedback about how Audulus could be improved. We’ve had some great times working together on Audulus including showcasing at Moogfest twice.

I absolutely wish him the best in all future endeavors. :heart:


Sorry to hear that! I was wondering if your relative silence had something to do with work on Audulus 4, but apparently not. Your leadership, drive, and guidance will be missed.

Good luck with the housing project. ‘Eco-friendly tiny homes’ sounds like an exciting and important area of development.


Stay in touch, dude! :cry:


I’ve really enjoyed getting to know you and all the excellent work you’ve done for the Audulus community. Needless to say, you will definitely be missed. I’m glad you’ll still be around at least occasionally, I would miss “cats on synths in space” and and your other flights of fancy. Good luck on your new venture, I’ll be rooting for you. Give me a buzz if you’re ever up my way, I’d love to meet you in person. All the best to you and your wife. :cowboy_hat_face:


Good luck on your new adventure! I am sorry to see you go. You have done a great job in a challenging role – which I fully understand having played that multi-hatted role myself for many years.

Best of luck! And don’t be a stranger.


@biminiroad Thanks for all of the work you’ve contributed to the Forum and Audulus as a whole! Looking forward to seeing you around on the forum still with any new modules or new music you may have to share. :man_dancing:

@taylor Thanks for sharing the story of you and Mark along with that great pic. Infinite gratitude to you for bringing us Audulus of course as well! :loud_sound:


Hey Mark, sad to see you go, thanks for all the great work you did over the last couple of years! I always enjoyed the livestreams that you did for Audulus.

I’m a big fan of the tiny house movement (we’ve got a few of them in my city), so your next project sounds really exciting and I wish you and your wife all the best of luck with it!


Respect Sensei Mark


Mark will not be easily replaced as he has qualities that are very rare. He’s knowledgeable, kind, efficient, outgoing, personable, and humble. I hope his project with his wife exceeds their expectations.

Perhaps Mark’s presence is why so many people on this forum have similar qualities especially when compared to other internet sites or many in person communities where there’s not nearly as much effort put in to helping each other out.



I’ve been around following a couple online communities around electronic music these past years, but what goes on here seems to be on another level, a lot of help, great work and ideas shared etc…
Thanks for your contribution and see you around for some music making!


I thank you for your knowledge and wisdom that you happily shared with us all, you helped me learn alot and I am very grateful, your livestreams were in-cred-ible!


Such sad news, but I’m happy for you and your wife and wish you the best of luck in your new adventure together!

You’ve helped us all so much with Audulus over the years: just think of all the weird music you helped make! :open_mouth: :grin: I think our paths first crossed back when I got one of the last EAR Gristleizer tabletop units. I still love that thing! It’s becoming friends with my Neutron now.

If you’re ever in Tokyo, hit me up. :slight_smile:


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I managed to produce some music over this past year. It’s as hard to imagine that would have been possible without Audulus, just as it’s difficult to think of Audulus without @biminiroad.


Best of luck, Mark! Thanks for helping make Audulus what it is.


I heard you were leaving and I’m so sad to hear. I remember my first day using this platoform completely confused and you introduced me and helped me get started. Thank you for being so kind and helping me when I felt super lost. I wish you and your wife the best of luck!


All the best to you and your wife.

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All the best. I hope v4 gets closer to what max is and is more efficient with screen real estate ( no pun intended)

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