How to switch off a Clock Multiplier

Hi guys, hopefully this is not a too dumb question!

I am building my first synth and I have a BPM Clock going into a Clock multiplier then seq. etc.,
but when I switch off the first Clock (BPM) the second continues to work (the multiplier I mean).

How could I set things in order to start and stop everything?


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So the clock multiplier is really a kind of “clockable clock” - it is a clock itself, and all its doing at the input is looking at the timing between each clock tick and then setting its own tempo to a multiple of that pace.

I can make one that will auto shut off for you after a given amount of time, but it would by design still let a couple ticks through before it stops.

The method you might be looking for instead is to start with a fast clock and divide it down. That is a more reliable method for timing as well. The divider counts the number of ticks and just lets every so many of them through, so when the master clock stops, the clock divider stops as well.

Does that make sense?

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Absolutely, thanks biminiroad!

Will try this and see how it works :wink:

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Yeah if you use the dividing method, you basically start your master clock at the fastest pulse you need (usually 32nd or 16th note) and then divide down from there. The flip flop dividers are good for giving you different 2/4/8/16 divisions, but if you want triplets, it’s best to use the individual clock divider modules where you can dial in /3 or even 2/3 etc.

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BPM Clock with Run Gate Output.audulus (18.0 KB)

Alternatively, you can make an output for the on/odd button of the main clock to make a run gate signal. That way it turns off the multiplied clock when the main one stops running.

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