Hold Seq

I’d be interested to see how other people have changed or added anything to these. Please post your patches.

Also, welcome to hear of any bugs or ideas you guys ‘n gals have. Cheers!

Bugs I know of:

  • some things don’t retrigger if the gate is above 0.96
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Hold Seq v014r (BETA)

  • added start/wind down/stop button
    • have to push figure 8 button to start patch
    • volume is in the right module. must highlight and open
  • made 4x8 single module sequencer unit
    • still modular, just have to copy and paste units inside module
    • trying to cut back on what’s drawn on screen (cables, splitting things between screens…)
  • instruments now in one module
  • hz out linked to tempo
  • second lfo added
  • lfo’s now have 6 outputs
  • removed hp on bass for now (was acting up on me once)
  • note: was a mission building the thing. some buttons may be swapped or something. will fully test out soon.
  • setting instruments
  • fixed compressor knee knob
  • added new adsr to bass
    • setting adsr
    • adsr waveform out
  • ducking waveform expanded
  • “smooth” knob added to bass
  • fixing up “typos” and tidying
    • found a disconnected wire
    • remote now sits over instrument module

Hold Seq v014r.audulus (3.0 MB)


That’s a real beast :cowboy_hat_face:


Hold Seq v015r (BETA)

  • fixed clock to 0.5
  • put Underachiever v064 Plugin in demo
  • changed start/stop button. patch has to be running in startup to sync other counters
  • worked on demo a bit
    • resetting release times to new bpm (would like to make this automatic in the future)
  • re-aligned sidebar inputs/outputs
  • aligned some front panel knobs
  • fixed previous lowest note
    • added the forbidden notes

Hold Seq v015r.audulus (3.8 MB)

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Arg… Clocks not syncing with plugins… Imagined they were for a sec there… May have to re-do the sequencer to work with negative starting clocks… Nuts.


Sadly, you have exceeded my CPU :slightly_frowning_face: The perfect opportunity to upgrade from this 2009 imac perhaps :slight_smile:


I’ve been feeling the age of my 2010 Mac as well. The wake up call for me is that I can’t update to Mojave.

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It starts breaking up on me when dialogue/input boxes appear on my iPad Pro as well. Give me a sec I’ll make a trimmed down version.

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Hold Seq v015s (BETA) (trimmed down example 1)

  • trimmed down to save cpu use/battery life of devices
  • minor demo cleanup
  • re-aligned sidebar inputs/outputs
  • aligned some front panel knobs
  • fixed previous lowest note
    • added the forbidden notes

Hold Seq v015s.audulus (2.3 MB)

Even the guts are elegant


Great - you were really able to bring the load down. Works nicely now!

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Hold Seq v015u (BETA) (trimmed down example 2)

  • trimmed down further
    • about 1/2 original cpu use
    • double buttons with lights
    • 32 step bassline
    • peak meater simplified
    • underachiever plugin reduced to 2 steps
    • (remove the compressor to save some more cpu if needed)
    • can anyone with an iPhone 4 or 5 tell me if this runs ok?
  • modulated more of the demo bass
  • reverb added to snare
  • re-aligned sidebar input/outputs
  • fixed accidentally turned knobs
  • tuning in demo further
    • getting a feel for the new snare reverb
  • added synth adsr and bass output waveform visuals
    • main output visuals no longer effected by volume knob
    • bass pitch visuals
  • fixed previous lowest note
    • added the forbidden notes
  • 3 demical place bpm
  • added sync buttons to oscillators

Hold Seq v015u.audulus (1.6 MB)


That’s what I like to see!


Hold Seq v016c(fix)

Hold Seq v016c(fix).audulus (1.1 MB)

Well, I’m going to slowly rebulid this. I made a mistake with the clock from the get-go. Version 016 won’t be compatible with any previous versions, but it should be in line with all other Audulus clocks and modules. At least the old versions will give examples of can be done. Pretty stoked to have the Underachiever module fully working together with it (Massive Performer In Audulus). Next, I’d like to make (you can help if you want) a drum and bass machine out it all. The ride cymbal is coming along (It's A Trap! Sizzle (Ride) Cymbal Mod). I should have a solid kick and snare done soon. I kind of like the sound of noise hi-hats, but later I’ll get on more metalish and splashy ones.

  • hooked up sequencer waveform to Underachiever
    • also lined up waveforms properly
  • sped up a tad
  • straightened knob
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Hold Seq v016L(fix)

Hold Seq v016L(fix).audulus (2.4 MB)

  • trying a new (simpler) way of chaining patterns
    • removed counters from inside sequencer (now shared through selector module)
    • added 4 pattern selector module
  • added labels on outputs
  • bpm display doubler button
  • labeled Underachiever module inputs
  • light changes colour on sequencer chaining input
  • remade the sub sequencer (way simpler)
    • fixed long gate volume changes with sample & hold module
  • took the sub sequencer gate and volume controller out of the hats and made it it’s own module
  • made 4 channel chaining combiners
  • rearranged sub seq interface to be thinner
  • added various sized sub sequencers
  • labeled some inputs and outputs
  • fixed sub sequencers to output actual truncated displayed values
  • straightened and tidied
  • straightened knob

Hold Seq v016(the letter o, not zero)

Hold Seq v016(the letter o, not zero).audulus (2.3 MB)

  • made Underachiever steps modular
    • added single wave step
    • added blank step
    • (can remove module steps but must restart patch after)
    • added reminder lights to restart patch after changing step modules
  • added clock bpm change knob
  • rearranged pattern selector
  • improved Underachiever sync blip bug a bit
  • made the Underachiever demo show more of its features
  • added note bars (forgot them before)
  • straightened crooked knob
  • tiding

Hold Seq v016q(fix)

Hold Seq v016q(fix).audulus (1.1 MB)

  • added triplet module and triplet sub sequencers
  • added stock library (modded) snare and kick modules
  • simplified demo to lower cpu
  • fixed Underachiver warning lights when using just one step
  • removed build artifact from pattern selector
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Hold Seq v016zzzzz^3

Hold Seq v016zzzzz^3.audulus (1.1 MB)

  • added own percussion
  • bent it
    • worked on the timing
  • mastered it
  • cleaned up

Hold Seq v016zzzzz^3 (deluxe)

Hold Seq v016zzzzz^3 (deluxe).audulus (1.1 MB)

I made the drum modules as lightweight as possible. So there was room for effects. Added reverb and sidechain compression. M O O N W A L K compressor by SteveX. Thanks for the update SteveX!