Greetings to all!


My name is Mark Boyd, aka @biminiroad. I work for Audulus doing lots of stuff (check out my bio for more info).

I first got into Audulus a few years back during Audulus 2. I really enjoyed how easy it was to use, especially compared to other software modulars like Pd, and I loved that it was on iOS as well.

I started my Audulus journey on the Audulus forum, asking lots of dumb questions and learning about modular synthesis on the way.

When I first started using Audulus, I was mainly a guitar player. I still love playing guitar, and I love making Audulus effects for guitar, but these days I’m really into generative music techniques - creating systems and sequencers in Audulus that auto generate music.

I live in Asheville, NC on top of a big mountain that faces the sunrise. It’s a really inspiring town to live in, especially with Moog and Make Noise so close by!

If you want to listen to my music, check out:

I also like to do animation. Below is a link to a video I animated for my friends’ band, Reptar.

Let me know below if you have any questions or just want to get to know me better! :slight_smile:

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