Glooper - combo looper/echo

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This is a combination multi-unit looper and echo. The fundamental building block is a clocked looper that grabs a one clock loop. Eight of these are stacked and fired in succession from the external clock. Each looper has a probability of recording set by the density control. The output of the loopers is summed and fed to a master echo. The decay time for the master echo is set by the feedback control. A dry/wet mix control is also provided. In order to provide a sense of movement, the multi-looper/master echo module is duplicated for a stereo ouput. Recent improvements include a reset and a mono - stereo input switch (red is mono).

Various effects can be achieved depending on the clock rate, density and feedback settings. High clock rates produces a “granular” sort of effect and low rates are closer to a traditional looper.


Input Signal Range Notes
clk 0-1 clock signal clock for the unit - note that the glooper must be clocked to cycle the loops. Stopping the clock will result in a “frozen” output that can be interesting.
rs 0-1 gate reset - resets the glooper and empties the loops (note: looper must be clocked in order to fully erase the loops)
r -1 to 1 audio right audio input - not used in mono mode
l/mono -1 to 1 audio left or mono audio input depending on toggle

Output Signal Range Notes
l -1 to 1 audio left audio output
r -1 to 1 audio right audio output


Control Function Notes
feedback sets the decay time of the master echoes Range is from 0 (no feedback) to 100% (no decay)
density sets the probability that a looper will record At 0 no recording will occur and at 100% the loopers will all record. Note that the random number generators for the left and right channels are separate so when density is less that 100% left and right channels will fire independently. There is a light for each channel within the knob that is on when that channel is recording.
mix sets the wet/dry mix


Version History

Revision File Date Notes
1.2 Glooper V1.2.audulus (630.4 KB) 05/17/2020 initial upload to forum (earlier version posted in another thread)


Revision File Date Notes
1.2 Glooper Demo V1.2.audulus (4.0 MB) 05/17/2020 initial upload to forum - note this demo is CPU heavy, you may need to modify it for iPad.