Feature Request Megathread



UI Features

  1. Sort of a fix: Change the copy/paste stacking (aka z axis) so that an exposed object that’s copied and pasted appears on top os the stacking. It’s been frustrating to duplicate a text object, for example, and have the pasted version appear underneath the original in the UI of the patch.

  2. Nested Expose—Allow the UI of a patch that’s contained within another patch to be exposed in the UI of the enclosing patch. In other words, make a patch itself an exposable element. When editing the UI of the enclosing element, all elements are moved as a unit, as is the case for exposable nodes. Allow connection to nested knobs, as is done now for exposed knob nodes.

This could be endlessly recursive, and could significantly simplify the creation and maintainence of a project.

Some rules: Expose outputs by default. Hide inputs that are connected to nodes or patches within the enclosing patch.


I’ll second number one. Number two has been discussed before and I believe that it is under consideration for Audulus 4.


I found that on the Mac, you can actually open the help menu and type your search term for a node or module. If you bind a keyboard shortcut to the menu, you can add nodes without leaving the keyboard. It has its glitches, though (limited number of results, mixing in regualar menu commands etc.)


It would be great if there were a way to export the selected sub-patch as its own file. On iOS, I am finding often finding that while working on a patch, I create a sub patch that will be generally useful to me, but I have to leave the document that I am working on to do that. On a desktop, it isn’t so much of an issue, I guess since you can have multiple windows open.


You can copy and paste between patches - just copy the module you want, open a new patch, paste it in there. You can then add that patch to your iCloud drive and have it available to use in other patches :slight_smile:


I realize that you can do that, but on iOS where you can only have one document open at a time, it is pretty cumbersome. You have to leave the document you are working on, navigate to where you want to save, create a new document, paste, go back to the file browser, re-open the project you were working on.

In my opinion, this is one of those things that probably makes little difference to a hardcore committed user but that gets in the way for some people especially beginners.


What @biminiroad is referring to doesn’t require you to leave the patch you’re editing. Save your submodule in its own file, then when you would like to insert it, choose create, select the module library and at the top you will find iCloud. Select iCloud and then the file with your module and it will be inserted into the current patch. No need to copy and paste.


I guess I don’t understand how (on iOS) to save a submodule to its own file without leaving the current patch. Can you explain how that is done?


You will still have to copy and paste to initially save the module. I was pointing out that once it’s saved you can insert in other patches without leaving the patch.


Thanks. It would be great if that initial module/sub-patch could be done without having to exit. This is especially true when one is getting started and putting together one’s toolbox.


There was talk a while ago about Audulus hosting AUv3’s. Is there a hope in hell this will happen in Audulus 3?


There is no more significant feature development going into Audulus 3 other than the new library (which is still very significant and will be ongoing). We have to stop working on Audulus 3 in order to start working on 4.

Windows will still get the update to parity with Mac but no new features are going to be added to 3.


I’m definitely out of the loop, what does the Mac version have that the windows does not yet?


SVG graphics and an improved audio engine for the most part.


Okay great, thank you!


I was reading tea leaves and I think that will change pretty soon.


I regret to inform that all further Audulus 3 development will be in the patch library. So it looks like we will have to look to within and make the most of our present circumstances.


Luckily Audulus is still great! #KeepAudulusGreatContinually


In Audulus 4, I would love to be able to group objects without turning the selection into a subpatch. Maybe there could be “group” which just locks things together as in graphics apps and “sub-patch” which does what “group” currently does. I often have groups of items that I want to keep together and move together but which I don’t want to move out of the current patch level.


Does lasso not work well enough for what you want to do? I personally don’t find it too hard to lasso stuff and move them around when I need to.