Considering a Fully Portable Modular



I should add something here. As I mentioned earlier in the thread, I need some stereo or dual effects at the end of things. Creating reverbs and delays with software is okay, but you basically eat up all of Audulus’s power, especially if you want a real lush reverb. With a delay, I am into making dance music/electro and I want a clockable delay or synced delay. It is nice to work in ms (free time) with some drift but I also like to be able to lock things in a groove (divided or multiplied time).

You have to be careful about advice. @biminiroad basically said, forget about the delay, what you really need is a solid analog filter. Now, to my mind, given what I wrote above and given I have a tiny system, I need to get to the bottom of that!

Can we get a little deeper on this? Seems to me I need a really solid dual delay and dual filter. But, remember, things are getting tight.



I agree with @biminiroad on getting an analog filter over the delay it sounds like you want. Great sounding digital delay that is sync-able and completely customizable is available straight from Audulus. I see you have the ES-5 expander for outputs on the ES-8. Have you thought about the additional ES-6 for more inputs? I’ve been considering both of these to add on to my ES-8.


II forgot i had that Es-5 or whatever in there as well. I don’t actually own that one.

As far as Audulus delay goes; one, you eat up valuable iPad cpu when processing rich delays. It also takes up precious routing jacks on expert sleepers modules. Which means more of those and less hp for other modules. I have a hard time with only being able to process all of my signal through an iPad at the end. No?


I take all of the grousing and posturing over at wuffmiggler’s with a grain of salt. It would seem the best way to prolong a grudge is to post your grievances on that forum. They are basically complaining about PCB material being used over metal for face plates. Nothing is substantially different than with metal when you use PCB other than you can etch gold into decorative patterns and have LEDs diffuse through the front and light up patterns, this is what Makenoise do for Rene and the 0-Coast.

That being said, BL doesn’t seem to be making their clouds knock off ATM, so maybe look at some of the other players out there for miniature mutable modules.

I think for small cases you want to avoid the stereo signal path as much as possible, but clouds is indeed a wonderful stereo processor. Perhaps you can mix to a stereo image in Audulus and then have Clouds for your main out?


I wish I had gotten the Jove. It’s a little bigger, but it sounds incredible. I would really avoid getting a very small filter like a 2hp of Pico one in this small case because you want the space to be able to turn the knob easily. Don’t sleep on the Doepfer filters too, they’re great, especially the SEM one.


Delay nodes don’t take up too much CPU, especially just two to four of them. It gets to be a lot when you want to build a reverb out of delays, but I still think it would be worth it to keep your delay internal and make room for other stuff (including more filters). If you wanted to sync your delay you’d be eating up another output from the ES-8/5, too. There are also just not a ton of great delays for Eurorack, tbh. It would make more sense to go with an external time-based processor if you want it to also do Reverb, like Clouds. If you need a Mini or Micro Clouds, you can find builders for these on Facebook - just ask around the Eurorack Facebook group.


The Jove is big. I really like the Doepfer stuff. That new line of poly modules is cool.

Side by side: The SEM vs. Jove?

I now understand some of the knob room stuff you guys have been mentioning. Dinky’s Taiko arrived yesterday and I wouldn’t want it any tighter than it is.

So here are 3 videos I found useful:

I think I might order the DOEPFER A-106-5 12db SEM Filter. I really wish it was dual in some way though, to be honest. Whatever.


imho the Jove is exactly the kind of filter I want but don’t have, but the SEM is pretty amazing as an all rounder too!


How about this one?


Here is a possibility:

*adding the PICO VCA and MULT (I found them used and cheap and may pick them up).

So this leads to one big question. I will need some envelopes. It looks like I have room for a 1u pulp logic VCA, so I should be able to get about 4 voices out of it. It would be nice to choose a really detailed EG. I know there are many approaches to this, so I am very curious as to what people might suggest? Something from Make Noise? Maybe I should think about the Disting? Or, Peaks, in which case I could get a kick and hats out of the module, which would really bring the case around as a mean percussive machine.

My favorite EG in Audulus is the Sans Nom Adjustable ADSR. It is the only envelope that seemed to give me satisfying tails that naturally fade, without needing reverb or anything.

Man am I ever amped to goof around with all of the tools in Audulus. I am so excited for this community here.

I have to say, as far as filters go, I listened to a couple of the recent Why We Bleep episodes and heard from several enthusiasts that, indeed, it all comes down to filters, as @biminiroad and @RileyGuy have mentioned.

I wish I could run the Doepfer A-106 and the A-103, but if they had the function that they could some how team up and slave. So you would get a double dual filter, in that you could make either the master.

I also want to think about grabbing a Pulp Logic 1U Attenuverter and feed it into a compressor, in order to sidechain/saturate the sound and push through the kick drum.


This one is huge but offers a lot, especially since you want to have dual/parallel filters.


You can also go here and cmd+f “VCF” there are 21 of them or so that I see


? where ?


Whoops - here


This one is pretty nice, but I am not sure if it has that same wow factor as the Oberheim SEM circuit design or the 303 (Doepfer A-103).

Nice that it is 8hp, as the Fluctuations is just too big. It is a Moog transistor ladder filter. When I make Audulus patches, I often end up grabbing two filters. It would be fun if someone took the time to make some dual Audulus modules! :sunny:

This demo below is great, imagining it at the end of things, adding character to a set:


On the origin of the transistor ladder filter:


Here is a nice cram:

Here we have stereo fiilter, stereo reverb and stereo master bus compressor.


I have MMM VCF in my system, because its Ukrainian!

And a 3x VCA from Happy Nerding, too - you get 3 vcas in 6 hp, so 2hp per vca, but they are much more usable than 2hp-style vcas, thanks to normal knobs plus attenuverters for cv, so you can reverse the incoming modulation - very handy!


It should be pretty straightforward to use mono/quad nodes to make multichannel versions of your favorite Audulus filters.

Also Happy Nerding makes awesome stuff!


Finally decided to put things together, since the ES-8 arrived. Got everything in, powered it up. Nothing smoked. Then I realized I installed the whole setup upside down. Damn it! :unamused:

There is always something, eh?

*I was wrong (about being wrong) this case sits handle on the bottom. Doh!