Audulus 3 Library Reface


Library module suggestions 1-19.audulus (216.0 KB)

The library is looking pretty good! Although I cry inside when I think about not being able connect patch cords to knobs, I am realizing I use that feature in every musical patch without exception.

Above are a few suggested changes. Some are just suggestions in labeling to improve clarity and others simplify the modules. For example, I think having internal slew on time changes for the delay ended up being pretty frustrating for me. The sound of the slew gets introduced when I don’t want it and percussive timing is tighter without it. Others are just ideas I had and seeing if they might work in the library modules, such as the noise osc.

Loved the patch you posted to instagram also, very squelchy :slight_smile:


Great suggestions thank you! Especially the Insel one lol dunno how I missed that!


I could be wrong, but I think maybe I’m not the only one to have been [edit: frustrated isn’t the right word] DISAPPOINTED [seems better :thinking:] initially about not having the new library available in iOS? I figured out a way to do it via the Files app by using a small custom extraction tool I created in the shortcuts app to unarchive on my iPad, and then used Files to open the directory and moved all of the new library’s contents to my iCloud Audulus shared directory. Now I can access the new modules from iPad and iPhone, and I didn’t even have to use my Mac for any of the steps, or leave the couch. Hooray! Lemme know if anyone wants help doing this also, I will share my little utility so you can import it to your iOS device and do the same :upside_down_face:


Here’s a module that’s been on my mind for a while - it combines several Bernoulli gates by @robertsyrett and creates a Pachinko-like scatter of gates.

By controlling just three knobs, you can control the probability of a “ball” or gate going from the start (gate input) to the end (one of 8 gate outputs). Each output reads the % chance it has of “landing at” or gating that output.


Here’s my Steve Reich-inspired patch using 8 saw synths for random melodies and 1 saw synth for “bass clarinet.”

Music for 18 Pachinko Machines Demo.audulus (1.4 MB)


Nice! 8 voices make this sound super powerful. Now to see if this will load on an iPad mini.



Here’s a different version with Karplus Strong VCOs

Karplus Strong Pachinko.audulus (1.0 MB)


Here’s a better version with a gate flipflop output for each

Pachinko Machine.audulus (81.9 KB)




What about adding another knob-type node that is a knob with a modulation input. Would make it quicker to build things. Or maybe the knob widget could have an option “Mod In” (that you would set the same way you set the Toggle property of Triggers) that would expose a modulation input for the knob.


There are several modules in the library that have that - the VC Switch, for example, allows you to attenuate the incoming mod signal to restrict the range of selection.

It’s pretty easy to build - you might just need a knob attached to a level node to attenuate input, for example, but this has an offset control, so I’m limiting it with a clamp(x,0,1) expression.


Diode VCA Demo.audulus (1.7 MB)


@SansNom definitely made an awesome diode simulation.


Easy, quick fun with the new module library designs. Easily got lost adding more switching and sequencing with some added drums: Diode VCA Demo RGplay.audulus (2.3 MB)


What is the formal explanation for what the shape knob controls?


Sine - wavefolder
Tri - waveshaper @robertsyrett designed
Saw - supersaw
Square - pulse width


wow thank you, this looks awesome. gonna mess with it now. the list of ideas for patches i want to try out is absurd at this point. i’ve started keeping a sort of “patch idea diary”. audulus rules


I’m about to wrap up the first edition of the reface library. If there are any last minute additions you want to see in the library, post them here!


Does anyone know of an easy way to bring the reface into the iPad version? Right now, I need to go to “iCloud Drive” to go into the Files selection screen to select items from the reface. I’ve happily worked with this since the new modules are really nice, but if there’s an easier method, that would be really awesome.



Thats the easiest way right now - in Audulus 4 we’re going to add a way to put your own custom modules into the main directory but iCloud is closest you can get for now


You can also use dropbox, which is what I do.