Audulus 3.6 for Windows

@Taylor is going to check on it when he gets home.

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Sorry all, I accidentally posted a link to the old version. Fixed now!


hi, i have a problem with the top menu and scaling, in screenshot audulus is maximized (if it’s in a smaller window it appears the same) and as you can see it seems that the scaling is wrong (have black bars top and right), if i click with the mouse on top black bar (at blank space above not at the menu bar) the menu works as you can see, also really sad to see the windows version end :confused: cause it’s the most popular os, thank you.

Same problem here.

@ark, @sot1, which version of Windows are you running? I can’t reproduce the issue with Windows 10.

I checked this morning and I can’t reproduce the problem either. It might be a scaling problem. You might check your display settings and ensure display scaling is set to 100%.

I tried both 100% and 150% scaling and it works fine on Windows 10. This is most likely a bug in the 3rd party code I rely on for Windows (JUCE) interacting with an older version of Windows (which I don’t have) so it might be hard for me to fix.

Windows 7. Also, I’ve seen similar issues with other software, and I think it probably has something to do with this screen:

When this font scaling value is not set to 100%, a number of software packages have difficulty with window/screen sizes.


Andrew Koenig


I played around with scaling and resolution on W10 and I didn’t see any problems.

using windows 7, it was the display scaling option, i had it to 115%, turn it to 100% and now the audulus screen is alright.


Everything so far works fine, but It seams that audulus doesn’t respond to MIDI input in REAPER daw.

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What kind of MIDI input are you trying to send? Keyboard node from Piano Roll or MIDI CC’s?

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Node from piano roll - will try later with midi controller. Old version works fine with piano roll.

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How can i purchase license? I don’t have Mac computer, and i would not update my itunes (it’s on old version for my old ipads). Is there direct buy option?

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@GrapeInfernal If your iPad is new enough to support A3, I think it should be listed in the App Store for purchase on your iPad, despite being on an older version of iOS and/or iTunes with your setup. If that doesn’t work, comment back, and maybe someone else will know what to do if it isn’t there as an option.

I have an iPod touch from like 7 or 8 years ago, and A3 shows up in my App Store. It mentioned being on an older version of iTunes, which would not be compatible with the most recent version, but other than that, you will still be able to run it. I hope this helps. Happy patching! :smiley:

Thanks, but i meant Windows version (which is A3, as i understand). Or is it… on Windows Store or smth (never used that one specifically)?

As for ipad, i never updated from ios10 for several reasons, so sadly it was too late to get A3 (i have A2 though)

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@GrapeInfernal Sorry I misunderstood. The link to the Windows version is here and if I misunderstood again and you need a license for it, you will need to send a direct message to @taylor about it. He will be able to provide you with the proper file to make it work if you don’t already have access to it. I hope this helps! :slightly_smiling_face:

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I wrote him, no response. It seems there’s no way to obtain the Windows license now.

Is there any way to buy a Windows license, with the understanding that there will be no more development of the Windows version and no more support?