Assorted Logic Modules


Assorted Logic Modules

This is a collection of some of the basic logic elements I’ve developed. Most are the result of a quest that @robertsyrett and I embarked on to find the perfect reset. It eventually led to a resettable S&H node that could be reset even when the trigger was held high. With this as a building block, I developed a variety of counters, flip-flops etc. I broke them out into various categories and I’ve included brief text descriptions of each module. Most have been pretty well debugged and I thought they might prove useful to others building their own modules. I also have a selection of decimal to binary converters, LED ladder drivers etc. if anyone is interested.

Version History


Revision File Date Notes
1.4 Counters V1.4.audulus (260.9 KB) 03/01/2019 added bidirectional counter, updated chasing and multi counters
1.3 superceded 02/28/2019 bug fixes and new counters

S&H, Switches, Latches, Flip-flops, Shift Registers

Revision File Date Notes
1.0 Sample and Holds Switches Latches Flip-flops Shift Registers.audulus (723.9 KB) 02/231/2019 initial upload

Logic Modules, Gates, Decays

Revision File Date Notes
1.0 Logic modules Gates and Decays.audulus (76.9 KB) 02/21/2019 initial upload

Sequencing/Arranging Entire Compositions (Songs/Sets/etc)
Using a trigger to select values

These are super useful building blocks!



Cool! These will be very helpful.



Impressive collection! Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:



I accidentally posted my WIP patch “Basic Logic Modules V1.0” containing all the modules. Some of the modules in this patch are old revisions or are buggy so I’ve removed it from the post. All of the generally useful stuff is in the individual patches. If you grabbed the “Basic Logic Modules V1.0” you’re welcome to use anything you like but I would recommend the versions from the individual patches. :cowboy_hat_face:



Thank you for this!

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I wanted to point out that the counters all assume that the limit value is > 0. Most won’t work with a negative limit value. I was working on a counter for @biminiroad today and realized that this was a limitation. For most uses it shouldn’t be a problem, but I wanted to let you know. I have some updates to a couple of the units which will support negative values which I’ll post when I’m sure they’re debugged.

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Updated the counters collection. I fixed a couple of bugs, improved the docs, and added a few new counters to the collection. I’ll be updating the other collections as time permits.

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Update counters to V1.3 bug fixes in chasing and multi-counters



Update counters to V1.4 Added bidirectional counter and improved versions of chasing counters and multi-counter