Apple VR/AR Headsets in 2020

Before you ask, no, Audulus VR probably will never happen. @Taylor isn’t a big fan of VR, plus the use is kinda limited.

Nevertheless, I would be excited to see what kind of visualization stuff we could do in the future that maybe could be piped out to VR - meaning, not using Audulus UI in VR, but creating a VR experience that responds to stuff inside of an Audulus patch.

Also just realized, is 2020 a subtle marketing thing? Like 20/20 vision? Wouldn’t put it past them.

The exciting thing at the heart of this news is that Apple is starting to make their own chips, which, as far as I understand, will only be good news for us. Faster computers/iPads means better Audulus!


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How about a way to process VR inputs using MIDI CI when it matures provided Apple or some independent developer creates an interface for VR api data?


by 2020 there will be way better products for VR/AR on the market … apple missed this boat …
i am sure their product will sell
but like the apple watch and the apple pen they are playing catch up

as for Audulus VR …WHY …???
… i have seem a few vr music apps and there are just "less usable " than just having a keyboard mouse or touch screen
i rather have Audulus 4K

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I’m running on a 5K iMac and Audulus looks great full screen. You can build some BIG patches and still see the whole thing.