Animoog sale


Apple AppStore has animoog on sale for Moogfest. Currently 15 dollars in Australian store would imagine elsewhere too. Bargain. Model 15 and the model d are well designed and sound great. Having fun with the animoog now. :grin:


I love the generate random patch feature that animoog has.


Looks like all the Moog apps are on sale for Moogfest. Good chance to pick one up cheap


Minimoogs for everyone!


If it’s your shout @robertsyrett I’ll have a system 55 please​:+1:t3::joy:


any recommendations for soundpacks out there? love me some animoog


Animoog was my first Moog app and one of the first iOs music apps I ever purchased. @mingusbot I recommend all of em! haha The Grateful Dead sample-based pack I think is one of the biggest bangs for your buck. I’m not a Grateful Dead fan so it was the last of the Animoog packs I purchased, but it basically uses a bunch of well-sampled instrument tracks and full band tracks from one Grateful Dead show as the basis for different animating-timbres of all new Animoog insturments. Endless possibilities for some crazy textures in that pack. (I dig the Mingus reference btw)


I have all the moog apps. I think animoog is my favorite.