8 Step Advanced Sequencer

8 Step Advanced Sequencer

This 8 step sequencer combines a traditional 0 to 1 modulation sequencer with a volume control for each step.

How it works

The clock used to step the sequencer forward is multiplied by the volume knob and sent to the gate output. The gate height determines how high the attack period of an envelope will rise to, allowing you to program in dynamics and even step skips (by turning the volume knob all the way down).


This sequencer may cause clicking in your envelopes. If the sequencer is running quickly enough, the envelope may reset to a new height. This brings up a question of how to deal with dynamic envelopes that I started a discussion about in the Build Help category.


Input Signal Range Notes
Input-Gate 0 or 1 Clock input
Input-Reset 0 or 1 Reset input

Output Signal Range Notes
Output-Modulation 0 to 1 Sequence output
Output-Gate 0 to 1 Gate output


Knob Function Notes
Knob-Pitch Step value Red light indicates current step.
Knob-Volume Step volume Alters outgoing gate height.
Knob-Min Minimum step Minimum step for sequencer.
Knob-Max Maximum step Maximum step for sequencer.

Version History

Revision File Date Notes
1.0 8 Step Advanced Sequencer v1.0.audulus (28.2 KB) 4/30/18 Will cause envelopes to click in some circumstances


Revision File Date Notes
1.0 8 Step Advanced Sequencer v1.0 Demo.audulus (708.6 KB) 4/30/18 Demonstrates the sequencer using some flip-flops triggered by clock dividers to show off how you can add some variation to a normally straight-forward sequencer. The envelopes in this demo have slew limiters to prevent clicking. Also includes drums.
1.0 8 Step Advanced Sequencer v1.0 Clicking Problem.audulus (170.0 KB) 4/30/18 Demonstrates the clicking problem with this sequencer and envelopes.
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You can always use filter-based envelopes if clicking is a problem.
8 Step Advanced Sequencer v1.0 Clicking Problem solved with filter based envelope.audulus (165.2 KB)

Yeah but the question is whether all the envelopes should have filters in them or no?

Did this get solved?

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Depends on what kind of solution you mean - you can put a slew limiter on the envelope node and create an envelope that won’t click, but you sacrifice a tiny bit of snappiness there too. If you’re more specific about what your needs are I can create a module that will do what you want it to! :slight_smile:

The conversation in the thread seemed to have an unanswered question.

That’s all

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I would prefer that the envelopes do not have filters. If I set an attack or release time to zero, I would prefer that (as close as possible) the envelope match this time. As @biminiroad points out you can always add a slew limiter if necessary.