4 x 4 Crossbar Modulation Matrix

Crossbar Knob%20Matrix input%20matrix

4 x 4 Crossbar Modulation Matrix

Three variations of a 4x4 switching matrix intended to be used for switching modulation sources or audio signals.
The first is a true switch with a toggle for each crosspoint. Each toggle also has an input which will invert the state of the toggle when it is > 0. Then second features knobs which allow a variable amount or signal at each crosspoint. The third is also variable level but is an input only with no manual adjustment. The signal at each cross point is switched or multiplied by the control input then they are added across the row to the output. The modules are 4 x 4 to save screen space, but could easily be expanded if necessary.


Input Signal Range Notes
input unspecified input type is not restricted
crossbar%20node 0-1 values > 0 invert toggle
input%20node unspecified input signal is multiplied by this value before being added to the rest of the row

Output Signal Range Notes
output unspecified output range


[Knob, Button, Spline, and/or Mapper] Function Notes
crossbar%20node Toggle on adds input to output straight switch
knob Multiplies input by knob value and adds to output Adjustable level input


Meter Displays Notes
crossbar%20node light indicates switch on
input%20node light indicates signal on control input

Version History

Revision File Date Notes
1.0 Crossbars V1.0.audulus (101.1 KB)
05/03/2018 Initial upload to Forum


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These are freakin awesome. Thank you so much! :sunglasses:

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