Does Audulus support recursive routing?
  • Hello,

    question in the title! i.e.:

    Oscillator -> Delay -> Lowpass -> back into Delay
  • Absolutely. Audulus is a feedback friendly design environment where feedback loops are automatically noted with a "z" so you can tell what is going on. There is also "analog" delay that is set up in exactly the configuration you have described.
  • Yes!

    Here is the analog delay (also included in Audulus), and a Karplus module (that could sound more complex with a filter in the delay feedback). You have to add some extra stuff to make the "mix," but I'm coming out with a video in the next few days that will show you how to do all this using a real analog filter in Eurorack.

    It's sometimes difficult to balance the feedback loop but the tanh(x) expression can help with runaway feedback. Just stick that expression inside the feedback loop and it won't go out of control (it will get distorted though!)

    Also, what you're asking about really is feedback - you can make recursive patches, however - patches within patches within patches...there's no limit to how many subpatch levels you can go down to - I went to 500 levels once and just gave up!
    Analog Delay+Chorus.audulus
  • It would be funny if there was an easter egg at the 100th level of subpatch.
  • Thanks very much! I was actually about to write "feedback", but was afraid of people misunderstanding it for something having to do with microphones and loudspeakers :D

    Great to know. I've been using Sunvox for my modular sound design needs until now, guess it might be time to add Audulus to my arsenal then.
  • Rad! Please let us know if you have any more questions about how to do stuff in Audulus! I just captured all the video I need for this ES-8 delay video, now just need to edit it :)