Menu missing ??
  • Hello everyone !

    I finally got the IOS version of Audulus,
    and i can't see the menu on the top of the screen
    when i start the app i'm on IOS 9.3.3 is that normal?
  • You might want to drop them a line at You should see a menu bar at the top with a plus sign on the left, Audulus 3 in the center and Edit on the right.
  • Thanks for the confirmation,
    Just sent them a mail
  • This should be fixed in the new version! I think it's out now? Anyway let me know :)
  • Too late, you made me upgrade to the current OS !
    damn Audulus was also the reason why i upgraded to Sierra on my macbook pro
  • lol sorry! Hope it's working out ok though?
  • oh now it's working 10/10 haha