Undo history
  • I'm a total newbie...so forgive me if I am missing something obvious. I a month grateful for the "undo" function, but there does not seem to be a good way to view the history! I was going through one of tutorials and broke something while fiddling with it. There doesn't seem to be a simple way of resetting a module back to its virgin state either...other than tapping undo a bunch of times and hoping I went all the way back!

    So there it is: my feature wish!
  • Gaaaaaaaaahhhhh....I am writing from iPhone. Damn auto correct!
  • You'll be happy with an upcoming feature - this will be easier :)
  • One thing I like to do is make a copy of a patch and work with that so if something happens I can always make another copy of the original. At critical points of patch creation, I'll copy the patch I'm working on so I can have a collection of good starting points should my patch creation go astray. When I'm done with the patch, I can get rid of the copies I don't need anymore. I find this easier than doing a lot of undone operations for more complicated patches.