64 Input/Output Mux/Demux
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    This is a 64 I/O Mux/Demux combo - using it for my new Chladni Sequencer, thought others would enjoy!

    Instead of chaining together switches, it uses math to determine the step number. The Max input and the Select are both 0-1 inputs. If you have the Max set to 1, you will have 64 available I/O. Max set at 0.5 = 32 I/O.

    To select a particular number, either use the knob to scroll through, or send the select input a precise fraction: 1/64 would be the 1st I/O point if the Max is set to 1. 4/64 would be the 4th I/O, 17/64 would be the 17th I/O.

    (Step to Select)/(Max Number of Steps)

    It is built to be driven by an LFO - a 0-1 Saw wave will scroll through all the I/Os in one period. A sine wave will scan back and forth over the I/Os.

    Saw Wave Input Select.png
    960 x 540 - 279K
    Mux Demux.png
    960 x 540 - 250K