Forum Patch Repository - Updated 3/26/17
  • Click the link below to download ALL Audulus 3 patches that have been posted to the forum. Patches are organized by patch author. If I have missed something, please link to it in the comments.

    1) Download zip file below
    2) Unzip
    3) Enjoy!

    1) Download zip file to computer
    2) Unzip
    3) Transfer patches to iOS device via iCloud, email, etc.
    4) Enjoy!

    Patch Count: 316
    Uncompressed: 353.1MB
    Compressed: 28.4MB
    Updated: 3-26-17

    Users included:


    Audulus 3 Forum Patch Collection -
  • Thank you. Frosted is absolutly brilliant btw. ! ... i need an ipad pro....
  • If I put the entire Forum Patch Collection (with it's nicely organised folder structure) in the Audulus iCloud folder via my Mac, then none of the folders or sub folders show up in Audulus on my iPad. Is the only option to dump all the patches loose in the top level of the Audulus iCloud folder? That seems a bit unwieldy.
  • @bengersfood - yes, currently that is the only way to organize patches - we are working on better file organizing/sharing for iOS though! Your best bet is to go through them on the computer, pick out the ones you like, and transfer just those.
  • Thanks. I'll do that.
  • Just had a thought - if you could build in a decent tagging system, that would work cross-platform and obviate the need for a folder structure. You may have better ideas in the works, though.
  • @bengersfood - there is a tagging system already. On iOS, you just have to click on the "i" below a patch to edit its tags, or you can sort by tags by clicking the price tag-looking button in the module browser view.

    On the computer version, the tags are under the file -> patch metadata view.
  • If we could have this into a repository not .zip we could hand pick based on description. I don't use PC or Mac iTunes at all (iTunes free). Maybe there aren't that many iOS users out there without iTunes like me.
  • @fferreres - do you not have a computer at all? You don't need iTunes to connect to an iPad. You could send these over iCloud or email or even Dropbox. Just download it on your computer, unzip, look through and see what seems interesting, and then email those to yourself or put them in a Dropbox or Google Drive if you don't want to use iCloud. In the future, there will be more seamless file integration, but for now this is the best solution. :)
  • Ok, great. Yes I can send to iCloud. Thanks
  • Awesome. I've just started checking out the patches and I'm blown away allready :D
    Good job guys x)
  • @torriz - thanks! There are some that haven't been added to the collection yet, about the last 10-15 patches that were uploaded, so check those out too!
  • Going to update this today :)
  • Outstanding :D Thanks!
  • A newbie's "thanks for this" :-) !
  • @DiegoC - of course, you're welcome! Enjoy :)
  • Where's the link??
  • @gspot - if you're on iOS, make sure you click "visit full site" at the bottom - the .zip file is attached :)

    Screen Shot 2017-03-26 at 11.57.51 AM.png
    520 x 472 - 56K
  • Ah! Thanks.
  • Holy MOLEY! How'd I miss this? It's the perfect way to catch up with everything in Audulusville.

    my god @MacroMachines stuff is just mind blowing.
  • @plurgid - I know right? That isn't even the smallest fraction of what he's actually made too.

    If there's anything that I'm missing of yours or anyone else who reads this, please add them in the comments below and I'll add them to the archive - I know I'm missing some stuff but this is the vast majority of what's been posted.
  • Thank You!
  • @Din_McHine - you're welcome! :) Let me know if you have any of your own to add! ;)
  • Just looking back through Audulus videos and found this one - an oldie but goodie! Included in this forum patch repository :)

  • thank you! its great to have all patches in one file
  • hehe thanks @plurgid ;)
  • This is super useful, thanks @biminiroad

    Maybe one day we can get an 'Upload to community' option within Audulus and also browse submitted patches within the app
  • @afta8 - that's definitely coming at some point. You'll be able to store patches in the Amazon cloud (not just iCloud) and share them with a link. This will come after the file format change because right now files are 100x or more larger than they need to be. The way they're done now is in a nice human-readable format, but it has lots of indents and brackets that take up extra space that it won't need in this new file format Taylor is implementing :)
  • Realize I'm chiming in late, but the human readable, nicely indented JSON file format is a great thing. Obviously, there a slimmer, more succinct ways of expressing the same data, but nothing beats human readability.

    Having faced the same issue in some of my own programming exploits ... what I did was I just grabbed the libz library and compressed the bloated human readable format (libz compresses ascii amazingly well). It's a simple thing to call uncompress before parsing the file, where it's gonna be as big as it needs to be in memory anyhow ... and at the same time if a human wants or needs to, it's no big deal to ungzip the thing and have a look. More often than not that human is me ... knee deep in debugging :-)
  • @plurgid - you'll still be able to convert the machine readable to JSON for debuggin :)
  • I'm only able to download around 2...8MB of data. The download stops after that. Is everybody else able to download the file?
  • @nuriaion - It's working fine for me - wanna just email me and I'll send it to you directly?
  • @biminiroad After trying several times yesterday it now worked fine on the first try... Thanks for your help :)

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