Audulus + Eurorack ?
  • Hi I'm new to audulus, I have a small eurorack case with some modules, it would be great to send CV and gates from audulus, is there any way to do that?

    I read some articles telling that Expert Sleeper's silent way work with DC coupled audio interfaces, I currently have an Apollo Twin and a Maudio Firewire 1814, think that both are DC coupled.

  • That's currently the way - sometime in the future Taylor is going to add MIDI out, so that will make it a lot easier! :)
  • that's something I'm waiting for as well. In my setup, MIDI out would be sufficient, because I have a couple of MIDI-CV modules and interfaces that will work with Audulus MIDI out. For audio-based connectivity it's another story, but that should be possible already if I'm not mistaken? Better ask os at, he knows the drill.
  • thanks for the help, will try to find some answers on Muffwiggler :)