How to Think in Audulus - LFO - Building Universal LFOs
  • This tutorial illustrates why I like DS LFOs as opposed to AS LFOs.

    DS = Direct Signal (equivalent to DC or Direct Current)
    AS = Alternating Signal (equivalent to AC or Alternating Current)

    H2TiA - LFO - Building Universal LFOs.audulus
    H2TiA - LFO - Building Universal LFOs.png
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  • These are a great series of tutorials for introducing people to LFOs and Audulus 3. Hopefully they'll be followed up by some patches where LFOs are utilized.

    @biminiroad you might want to increase the resolution of the images so people can read the text descriptions.
  • I'm trying to follow the 'How to think in Audulus' series... Where can I found it?
  • @jaisaqui - This basically turned into the build podcast, which you can find here:

    I'm going to start doing livestream episodes with FluxWithIt where we'll build a module together and he'll ask questions and people can chime in over the chat window - it'll be on YouTube/Google Hangouts.
  • Cool, I enjoy live streams with Fluxwithit!