Simple patches, great touch keys.
  • Hello everyone
    Sorry for the bad English (thank you Google)

    I just bought and find Audulus with joy. Surely the pure, complete, complex synth, and also incredibly beautiful.
    It could be much more open to non-specialists modular complexities musicians, I humbly make a few suggestions:
    Find in the app or with simplified access a range of basic patches. Playable with keyboard. Keys, bass, pads, instruments etc.
    I admit that in the app to find a few examples surprised me. It is often accustomed to iOS synth offering 900 patches!

    With the iPad pro (and even before) it has a fantastic touch surface to play live. Attach thid with organic\/modular spirit of audulus, would be great. A kind anomoog keyboard, that can be configured easily would be a must.

    The music to be with you
  • Thanks! Your English is just fine :)

    Are you having trouble getting a good sound? A lot of people who post patches to the forum are posting modules instead of patches - in a sense, they are making new instruments instead of using the instruments to create a variety of sounds.

    We will get there with some time, but in a sense, it's up to you - the community - to build these features in for Audulus :) I will do my best to add some more ready-to-go patches, however. This will also be a lot easier with the upcoming preset system. The preset system will be really great for making lots of sounds with one synthesizer patch, and people will be able to save and add their own favorites!

    A wider variety of keyboards is coming too - why not check out the feature request list I made up - it shows you what's coming, as well as what's possible already with what Audulus gives you.
  • Thanks for the substantial response.

    Yes, I get very satisfying sounds. By dint of trying stuff. Lot of work.
    This is an app for researchers! Perfect for me, but I am not sure that all are in my opinion. The progression of iOS gadgets is more on more calibrated for slackers or simpleton...

    Yes again, sorry I did not read the subjects of this list before posting.

    Confidence of the future developments of audulus, I also appreciate the spirit of sharing, around audulus and on the forum. Even if I admit to be outpaced by the science of participants!

    All the best to audulus
  • How bad could your English be if you just dropped the phrase "by dint of" like it was nothing?! haha! Amazing.

    Let me know if you have any more questions, and happy patching!