Midi support for patching
  • Hello, it would be awesome to implement midi support for patching ins and outs of modules. People can make modulation matrixes on launchpad or push, for example. Each port can have a midi note on message assigned to it, so you need to press two notes to connect one module, to another. Second press can send note off message to break the connection. With this feature I can build my own dedicated controller for the audulus that will look like a eurorack modular.
  • I'm building a modular MIDI system within Audulus.... :)
    Screen Shot 2016-01-31 at 9.15.28 AM.png
    1920 x 1080 - 383K
  • very interesting, can you explain what is going on?
  • Every key outputs *just* a 0-1 pressure state, and then everything you could possibly want the MIDI key to do is extrapolated from that. On/off is easy: just x>0. Pressure is continuously variable. The octave switching happens within Audulus rather than within the MIDI messages - that's why it's a "modular MIDI" system: you're turning the keyboard into buttons, and doing the "MIDI" programming within Audulus. Eventually, when we have MIDI out, you could use this system to have simultaneous access to what are, on some controller editors, contradictory messages.
  • channel and port parsing coming soon? this feature is kinda useless with more than one controller or app until then
  • @mellonhead - it's already in the beta :)
  • @blaqwood - I thought your idea sounded cool so I built a little matrix that connects 12 inputs to 12 outputs using 2 octaves of a midi keyboard as switches to turn the ins and outs on and off. You can route any or all inputs to and or all outputs.
    Midi Matrix.audulus
  • @drewyeah It's fun to play!
  • @blaqwood - Nice! Yeah it a pretty interesting idea. Especially if you have a launch pad and a keyboard.