gliss module (a linear slew module)
  • The slew module is really efficient but the glissando it produces is a bit weird. It logarithmically slides to the new pitch which produces different speeds when bending up or down. @biminiroad brought it up here :

    The gliss module slides linearly from one note to the next so it sounds the same going up as it does going down. Hz input is scaled logarithmically so that a one octave gliss low on the keyboard takes the same amount of time as one octave high on the keyboard. You can plug anything into the 1/oct input and output and it will slide linearly between the last value and the new value.

    **Edit updated with constant speed mode and faster run time
    gliss module.audulus
  • THANK YOU!!!!! Man this has been on my wishlist forever. You rock.
  • @biminiroad - no problem! I just updated the patch with a constant speed mode. In that mode notes hit closer together arrive at their destinations faster than notes hit farther apart. Its a pretty cool effect in poly mode because the notes don't all arrive at the same time.
  • @Drewyeah - try reuploading it - it's not here
  • @biminiroad - sorry I just uploaded it to the first post so people wouldn't have to follow the thread. Here it is again.
    gliss module.audulus
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  • @drewyeah – this is super useful, thanks for sharing!
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  • @Xoki - you're welcome!

    @biminiroad - no worries!
  • Thanks, very useful!

    afta8 module is a LP filter, a very cpu efficient and clever design. Attached to this post is 6 dB/oct filter I've done with the biquad node (will post an update to my thread) that does the same thing but extends a lot the glissando time. Actually you can use any LP¨filter, the 12 dB/oct with resonance can give you some fun vibrato (see the picture)!


    Edit: sure you still get a non-linear behavior, so not suitable to many applications. Can be complementary to the linear behavior proposed by drewyeah.
    gliss module.audulus
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  • @SansNom - very enlightening! Thanks for sharing that.