Audulus for Windows.
  • A couple of questions that will probably be of interest for future windows users.

    - When are we to expect a release of Audulus 3 for windows ? It would be greatly appreciated if we could get an aswer in this form : "early/mid/late_Any month of the christian calendar" instead of "very soon" which is all we could get until now.

    - Will the pricing will be somewhat similar to Mac version ?

    - Will the release include a SDK of some sort ?

    - Can we expect same schedule for minor/major releases and bugfixes as Mac users or are we to always get delayed releases ?

    - According to a "conveniently disappeared" thread in this forum and originally named : Audulus 3 is coming Tuesday Dec 8!, a member of the dev team wrote that depending on sales, Windows users could be skipped for major releases for unspecified periods of time. Do you maintain this statement as what will be your update plan for Windows users ?

    - As asked in the thread mentionned in the above point, I'm driving attention of windows users to your (seems promising ) software. Now, do your part and actually release something that we could write amazing reviews about instead of posts like this one, that gets deleted when trying to address concerns of your potential customers.

    Thanks a lot.

    P.S: on the main page of, just under the vimeo embed, we can read :

    Audulus is a modular music processing app
    with unequaled ease of use.
    For iPad, iPhone, Mac, and Windows.
    Audulus. Available now.

    Confusing isn't it ?
  • + 1 for a reply to these questions...

    Thanks in advance.
  • @woodpeckingmantis @kaosphere

    Hey thanks for your questions and thanks for being patient with us. We only have one programmer (Taylor) and so it's a difficult process to release a new version on two platforms. There is no "dev team" - Taylor is the only one. I handle sales, PR, and educational development. I dont know a lick of programmimg - I just know how to use Audulus really well.

    I hope you can understand that we have a responsibility to the people who have bought the program to fix major bugs they find ASAP. Now that we've addressed most of those bugs, there is (and already has been) more time for porting Windows.

    Windows release:
    We want it out as badly as you do. Taylor works a lot and I do 80 hour weeks myself. We're not slouching on this, we just only have so much people power. There's no dragging off feet going on, it's being worked on every day.

    Same price for new users. Existing users will get a discounted upgrade.

    This is something brought to our attention by a game developer who wanted to use Audulus for process-based SFX. This is certainly something we can do if people are interested, but no, there is currently no hard plans for an SDK.

    Audulus 3 is an entirely different program than Audulus 2. Really. Version 2 was written in Lua and version 3 is written in much faster C++. Taylor is not merely updating Audulus 2 to 3, he's made an entirely different underlying architecture. There is a lot of initial work that needs to be done to port Mac version to Windows but, no, in the future bug fixes will come out at the same time. We can actually get Windows fixes out sooner since we dont have to wait a week for Apple to approve the changes.

    "Conveniently disappeared thread"
    Taylor had to have a talk with me after what I said there - I was miscommunicating and what I said was factually incorrect - I misinterpreted something that Taylor had said and extrapolated from that a false conclusion. It was deleted because it was wrong. This information is correct: we have no plans to drop Windows. Sorry for that mix up, mea culpa.

    The ultimate point I hope you walk away with is that we care about all our users. Keeping Windows is personally important to me because I am developing educational material aimed at getting Audulus in schools and to people who exclusively use Windows.

    Please let me know if you have any more questions!

    Thanks, Mark
  • @biminiroad I can appreciate your resource constraints (i.e. Taylor's programming everything) but it seems to me a vital piece of information was not addressed at all. When can Windows user's expect to see Audulus 3 for Windows? Tomorrow, next week, in a month, six months, a year, or when hell freezes over? If a specific time frame can't be given, perhaps an explanation of where Taylor is in the process or what sorts of issues are needing to be overcome with a time frame and associated level of confidence in achieving those time goals could help Windows users get a better sense of how things are going. Perhaps some idea even of when a call for Windows beta testers will be issued would be useful.
  • @Paulinko @KaOsphere @WoodpeckingMantis

    The windows version is running (it just needs more polish), so I would say it's a matter of weeks. Let's all keep in mind that we just released the Mac and iOS versions only about a month ago. Immediately after that release there was a deluge of support needed. I had hoped to finish the Windows version simultaneously, but I couldn't pull that off, and I needed a break for the holidays.
  • @Taylor thank you for the explanation of the status on where the Windows release of Audulus is, that sounds reasonable to me given how the plans of mice and men tend to go. I hope you were able to enjoy the holidays and refresh yourself.
  • Thanks for taking time to clear confusing points here.

    A couple more questions :

    - Is there actually a way to script or build new nodes ( without using C++ ) or any plan to relese a scriptable node in the future ?

    - Will Audulus be 32 or 64 bit and if applicable,is there a bridge feature to handle not directly compatible vst ?

    - How will multithreading be handled ? Seems to be manually assignable by node if I refer to what is called Timing mode ?

    - Is there any plan to have Audulus vst in the future ? ( *Cough* multiclient ASIO driver... Windows...*Cough*)

    - Will Audulus handle OSC , sysex and MCU ?

    Thank you very much for your time.
  • - Scripting: no hard plans. We might have scripting at some point for building patches. Defining custom nodes is a different and more complex matter.

    - Both 32 and 64 bit.

    - The audio processing occurs in a separate thread, as with all real-time audio software. I haven't yet tried to multi-thread the processing. Timing mode tells you how much CPU time each node takes. It doesn't have to do with multithreading.

    - Yes, there's an Audulus VST.

    - No OSC, sysex, MCU.

    - Taylor
  • Thanks a lot !
  • I eagerly await. I'm currently Audulus-less, as the download link in my Audulus 2 order e-mail works, but the download for the license file does not. So I guess I'm in Audulus limbo until 3 comes out for windows. I purchased early 2015 but became very busy and haven't until now felt like I had much time to sink my teeth into it. Now that 3 is around the corner and will require a purchase, I guess my purchase of 2 was more like a donation to support continued development. I'm cool with that as long as the windows version of 3 is coming, as the new work you guys have done on it looks great!

    I would like to add another voice to the interest in any form of SDK and\or scripting possibilities, especially that which would allow the creation of new nodes. Using Audulus to set up real time DSP in games\applications also appeals to me a great deal. I know it's probably not on the agenda for now but at least if I mention it it might help you evaluate how much interest there is in it.
  • I feel like when Audulus 3 will be released Euro/Rouble exchange rate will be unaffordable for me (
  • The Windows version is really coming together this week :)

    1149 x 906 - 570K
  • Much happier with these responses than previously :)

    I'm not bothered about paying an upgrade price but FWIW it was stated the Windows upgrade would be free for existing Windows customers.

    Very much looking forward to this release!!!!!
  • @creepjoint The upgrade will be free :). I've gotten a bit better at Windows development, and the new version is looking really good. Yesterday, I implemented a nice welcome window.
  • That sounds awesome! really glad to hear we are finally getting a windows release! I too am very much looking forward to this release; can't wait to get my hands on that module library!
  • Once it's released I'll be happy to spread the word and evangelise its merits.
    Lots of Windows users looking for touch friendly audio apps.
    Laptops with touch screens can be had for much cheapness!
  • @Creepjoint - let us know how well those work with Audulus! Still mystified why Apple won't do this with their own computers, unless it's to drive more sales to the iPad Pro?
  • @biminiroad you do know how apple milks their cows don't you ? :)

    So, this is finally coming, good news and work guys !

    Let's do a bit of fanboyism : OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGO can't wait ! :D
  • @Taylor, any updates on Windows release date???
  • @Ethosphere, I'm about to send a beta version out on the mailing list :). I've just been sick for the past week or so, so everything gets delayed :-\.
  • @Taylor, Looking forward to it! hope you feeling better!
  • @Taylor - will it be available for purchase directly from your website?
  • @SansNom, yep!

    @Ethosphere, thanks man... I'm slowly getting over this cold/flu. It really destroyed me after NAMM.
  • Get well soon Taylor!!
    Thanks for the update!!
  • Great Taylor! thanks for the free update for windows users! This is great!

    I have a little question concerning the zoom with the mouse wheel. Anyway to invert it? I'm kind of used to zoom-in with mousewheel up. Just a pref I guess. Would be cool if this could be customizable. Thank you again.

    Great work also @biminiroad for all the patches and subpatches. Really makes audulus easier to get into for the newbie.
  • Thanks @paradiddle! Check out the new library too - it's kinda half-done right now, but most of the other module updates are cosmetic.
  • already got modstep (it's awesome) but anyway I like the lib. My only suggestion would be some kind of onboard help explaining what each module does in detail and typical ways to use it. Some are self-explanatory, others not. It would certainly help newbies get into it and help them dig deeper.
  • Hi there. I tried out the new version and have some questions in this regard as follows:
    1. I used to work a lot with graphics and 3d software and zoom in with mouse wheel up is a standard behavior. I sure the option to configure the way mouse wheel zooming works is a must.
    2. Another one feature I can't effectively work without is the workspace dragging / panning with middle mouse button (aka "middle-click panning"). (Some additional info on how this works in AutoCAD is here:
    3. When I resize or maximize the window, next time I open the application it is the default size again. It would be great if to make it preserve the size and state (maximized or not) between sessions.
    4. I was unable to locate the Audulus 3 VST plug-in. Was it actually installed with the setup?
  • "4. I was unable to locate the Audulus 3 VST plug-in. Was it actually installed with the setup?"

    This was my issue too... not sure if it is available in the beta??

  • Hey guys, enjoying Audulus beta so far...One thing that bugs me though is this module listing lib...Hard to find find what I'm looking for...Is thare a way to customize it or better to call module directly by writing their names ?
    Ex: in Max/Msp you double-click in an empty space in your patcher, write 2 letters and get almost instantly the module you are looking for...
  • Faster workflow !
  • true, makes sense.
  • @kaosphere - what you're asking for is something that we're working on currently :) the module library was a late addition to Audulus 3, so we're currently going back and restructuring the way its called up. You will also be able to more easily make your own custom library.
  • @biminiroad Thanks for the reply. On my first try I had built a sequenced simple fm voice with 4 op in a few minutes and spent 5 more finding the simple "knob"... :p
  • @biminiroad, what about Audulus 3 VST plug-in for Windows, middle-click panning and mouse wheel zooming?
  • @illyazimnovich - that's @Taylor 's department actually

    @kaOsphere - yeah, we're working on it :)
  • @Taylor - could you address the VST issue? Will we be able to use as a vst and fx plugin in the final version?

  • @Ethosphere - Yes - with Windows you will have a VST. When I @'d Taylor above it was referring to the middle-click panning/mousewheel zooming, not the VST - I thought Ilya was referring to specifically having that functionality in the VST.
  • @Taylor, @biminiroad - Will there be any updates to the beta of Audulus? What about VST plug-in?
  • Hi - as an Audulus 2 Windows VST owner, is there a discount to upgrade to the Audulus 3 VST? If so, where, please? I can only see an option to buy "new", and none to upgrade. Thanks.
  • @botcher - just download the new version here! you get v3 for free :)
  • Thank you!
  • Hi, I'm new to the forum. I'm trying to decide which platform to go with. How does audulus run on a surface pro 4? Are any of the touch elements available?
  • The windows version is basically the same as the mac version sans a few cosmetic elements. So not like the touch-oriented iOS on surface pro yet. It's good though, it is definitely still Audulus.
  • Thanks Robert
  • One last question before i dig in... are projects transferalble between OS & Windows?
  • Yep! .audulus is a universal file type :)
  • awesome, I'm in