Using the Interlacer: a "CRT" module displaying the output of an "oscilliscope"
  • For context, see @biminiroad's post:

    I've attached a patch that includes several things:
    - a CRT module, which is an 8x8 grid of LEDs. It receives an interlaced signal that is composed of 8 rows, each of which is a 8-bit bitmap representing the row
    - an oscilliscope module, which receives a signal, then samples it and encodes it into an interlaced format suitable for showing in the CRT
    - a CCW module, which rotates an interlaced signal counterclockwise/anticlockwise and spits out a format suitable for showing in the CRT

    By far the most expensive operations in the patch are the bit packing and unpacking, but I chose to do the CRT that way to reduce "wire insanity."

    Interestingly, the oscilliscope uses a technique similar to the interlacer, except instead of muxing a bunch of values into a single stereo node, each value is derived from a previous one, which is how there is a history of values displaying in the oscilliscope.

    Let me know what you think!
    JJT CRT.audulus
  • Here's a screenshot
    JJT CRT.audulus 2016-01-03 15-51-50.png
    1024 x 790 - 107K
  • Dude so glad you did this so i didnt have to! Thanks!!! I see your questions over on other thread but it seems like you get it - will write more when Im back from vacation.
  • Ha, my pleasure. I'm recovering from sickness, so tinkering with wires fits my general mental state. I've enjoyed getting into Audulus 3 a lot more over the past couple weeks than I had been doing.
  • This patch seems broken after a recent update?
  • I am going to need a 32x32 version please ;)