User library in menu
  • As I start tinkering and building my own bundled modules, it occurs to me that it would be a lovey thing indeed to be able to set up a directory structure in such a way that custom modules saved there would be available in the Create menu. It would make re-usability a lot easier.

    Edit: Never mind. I guess the "insert patch" menu option suffices. Sorry to be overeager.
  • @terminalgarden, even though you can create your own modules and add them to your installation of Audulus 3, it'd be nice to be able to export sets and have some way of removing and replacing them to add to other Audulus installations or so that other users can add them to their library.
  • @terminalgarden, this is my own failure to document. Go to the Audulus menu and select "Open Modules Folder." You can drop any patches you want in that folder (including file hierarchies) and they'll be available in the Create menu. Does it work on your end? :)

    I'll add some documentation about this.
  • AHA! It does indeed work.

    Many thanks :-)
  • @Taylor good to know about the Modules folder option. It'd be nice if the tags could be in alphabetical order when you use the modules menu.
  • @Paulinko, good point! I'll make a note of that.