Audulus 3 iOS Edit Crash
  • @Taylor In this case I was trying to recreate a patch by adding in the knobs to the modules first, edit the UI for the sub patch, and then add the modules into the sub patch. I had no problems adding the knobs and arranging the UI. Moving onto phase 2 of adding modules, the responsiveness of the app slowed and came to a halt after I added the last module and froze when I went to add another module after touching the tag button. The list never came up. When I got into Audulus again and opened up the patch, many of the edits I'd done before the app froze were gone. An app should not freeze when you're trying to use it as intended. I wasn't even close to finishing the recreation of the patch which plays just fine. It seems to me there is some sort of memory leak which comes into play when you edit on iOS which can easily cause the app to crash and you will lose some of the work you've done. In my experience, the app's editing capabilities are poor when you can't reliable work without crashes and lose some of the work you have done when it does.

    The first screen capture is when the app froze, the second is what the app looked like after I got back into the app and opened the patch up again, the last photo shows the chain of modules after opening up the app after the freeze and by comparing it with the first screenshot you can see what was lost as I was working from left to right. The patch ending in "rec" is the patch file that crashed and the other patch is the completed working patch.

    Running iOS 9.2 on an iPad Air 2.
    2048 x 1536 - 488K
    720 x 540 - 86K
    720 x 540 - 100K
    Grit Synth Rec.audulus
    Grit Synth Modules.audulus
  • Is there a way to turn off/on the processing of the patch while you're creating it so there's less strain and crash potential?
  • @Paulinko, turning off processing probably won't change stability. It's just a matter of me fixing bugs. All in time :)
  • @Paulinko, do you have some specific reproduction steps so I can work on this bug?
  • @Taylor The crashes don't have a pattern that I've been able to detect at this point. I'll work with the app some more and see if I can find something that's reproducible.
  • I encounter similar issues sometimes. The app starts to lag. The best is to quit, kill the app and start again. Problem with RAM?
  • @SansNom - periodically clear your history - that infinite undo is only as infinite as your RAM
  • The history is stored in RAM?
  • @SansNom, yeah the history is stored in RAM. However the history shouldn't take up very much. The lag is most likely not due to the history.
  • @Taylor @SansNom - yea, I usually need to clear my history when I'm copy/pasting thousands of nodes and moving them around - each node has an XY coordinate, so every little move you make is 1000*2*coordinate number, which can add up pretty fast. Unless you're doing stuff on that level, Taylor is right, the lag should not be because of your history.
  • @Taylor @biminiroad I haven't been really been having any crashes with the editor on iOS. My hunch is that the problems were due to audio apps in iOS not closing after I'd closed them, rebooted, cold start, etc. I finally deleted the app that wouldn't go away and after that things have been okay.
  • I take it back, Audulus on iOS 9.2 iPad Air 2 crashes very consistently when trying to add new modules to the modules list and also editing the GUI for a sub patch.
  • Yeah here too. Just lost an hour of work trying to build a linear fm oscillator. Had I known this app was this rough I would not have bought it. Big problem with iPad apps: usually no way to try before you buy. Is there a way to bail and get a refund? I can't justify the time this app takes with the constant freezing and never knowing if my work is secure. Was considering buying the Mac app but now feel like I should just go back to building my own stuff in Max/msp and give up the iPad functionality. This feels like beta software.
  • @Timealign - It does crash sometimes, yes, but I rarely if ever lose any work (thanks to the great history system) - if anything, I'll lose just the last thing I did which was usually the thing that caused the crash, anyway.

    Are you losing large portions of your work during a crash? Can you provide a replicable series of steps to cause a crash? Sorry to hear you've been having trouble - you might want to hang in for a little longer, seeing as Taylor is about to drop a new version for iOS that fixes a lot of bugs, and I'm about to release the newly updated library as well.

    Anyway, the Mac app has actually been very stable for me - I have yet to have a crash while using it to perform in Ableton (even while it was in pre-3.0 beta).
  • I've got some problems too, but i hope that they will fix soon. I lost some works but i find that when you go back to the audulus menu, you save all that you did. Return and load the patch every x minits for secure your job, and clear history too. I also have got problems everytime i add a new module: i can still keep doing things, but the meters, waveforms and other visual modules are stopped. (I'm Ipad Air 2 user)
  • Can we expect an update for Mac as well?

    I've been experiencing crashes every 10-15 mins while patching...
  • @ToyDivision - yes, Mac update coming alongside Windows!
  • On iOS there is an IAA Zombie bug which too often prevents iOS from completely closing out apps even if you close them manually. One solution is to close out all your open apps and then from the home screen press the power button until you get the shutdown prompt, release the power button, hold down the home button until you get the home screen again (a few seconds). At this point you can start your Audulus session.
  • Got a bad crash problem on iOS 10. After startup it happened several times, that when I was just scrolling the list, Audulus crashed, iOS loading icon appeared, automatically rebooted without the Apple logo and brought me back to the loading screen. Now the problem got worse and it crashes on startup but without any reboot or so, standard switch back to home. Already cleared ram, rebooted etc. One time I could see the file list, but then it crashed again :-( I'll try it a few times more, but it seems like I need to park the ton of files I already got on my pc via ifunbox and try a reinstall. Damn.
  • Update: Could save the stuff with ifunbox. The size of the files was very weird, the biggest file was 29mb saved it again and the size (also the power it needed) went down to 800kb??? All the issues began, when I disconnected the icloud, I think.
  • @Jayzen - the bug that's referred to earlier in this post has been fixed. This is the bug we're working on now:

    Have you tried deleting Audulus and reinstalling it (make sure you back up any patches first).

    Not sure about iFunBox - does it show up where Google Drive does?

    If you saved them and lost a bunch of data in doing so, I'd suggest trying to open them up and make sure they still open, or you might've just encountered the bug I linked to above. You should not lose file size unless you clear history.